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Product Code 260399000
Quality and Standards IS 4375:1975
Uploaded on September 2007


Track suit is the dress for sportsmen and sportswomen for track and field. Good quality track suits are made from cotton/nylon knitted fabric after cutting and stiching. In this project profile, it is proposed to manufacture this item from nylon/cotton interlock knitted fabric. Generally track suits are made from navy blue and maroon colours but these can also be made in any colour combination. The track suit is a two piece garment i.e. Top and Trouser. Top is collar half front open shirt having nylon zip for closing the front and trouser having elastic belt, nylon zip at the bottom portion of legs, white vertical stripes at the outsides of both legs. Top is also having white vertical stripes at sleeves.

The manufacture of track suit is simple and entrepreneurs having knowledge of cutting and stitching can easily set up this type of industry. The raw material and machinery required for the manufacture of track suit can be sourced indigenously.

Market Potential

Track suits are mainly used by the sports persons while they are playing in the field. This type of dress is also used by the ordinary persons when they go for walking and for some indoor games. The field of sport is emerging the world over, therefore the requirement of suitable dress for the purpose is very essential. Recent India's commitment to hosting commonwealth in Delhi also boost the market of track suits. As it is assumed that fever of sports will be there from 2008-2013 due hosting of commonwealth games on 2010. There has been good demand in domestic and export markets for this item.

Basis and Presumptions

This project is based on double shift basis with 300 working days in a year. Time period for achieving maximum capacity utilization is considered from 3rd year from the date on which production is started. Building is considered of its own. Costs of machinery and equipment/ materials indicated refer to particular make and approximately to those prevailing at the time of preparation of this project.

Cost of installation and electrification is taken @ 10% of cost of machinery and equipment. Non-refundable deposits, project report cost, trial production, security deposit with State Electricity Board are classified under pre-operative expenses.

Depreciation has been considered at 10% on plant and machinery, 20% on office furniture and fixtures and 25% on workshop accessories. Interest rate on capital loan has been taken @ 14% per annum. Amount of margin money required is 25% of total investment.

Implementation Schedule



Selection of site/working shed 1 month
Formation of company (ownership/partnership) 1 month
Preparation of feasibility report 1 month
Registration with Commissioner of Industries/DIC 1 month
Arrangement of finance (Term loan and working capital) 3 months
Procurement of machinery and equipment 1 month
Plant erection and electrification 2 weeks
Arrangement of raw material including packaging material 1 month
Recruitment of manpower 1 month
Miscellaneous works like power/water connection etc. 2 months

Note: Considering that some of the above activities may be overlapping, the project implementation will take a period of 6 months approximately for starting the production.

Technical Aspects

Process of Manufacture

Suitable and reliable supplier for cotton knitted fabric and nylon fabric are identified and procured from them. Both the fabrics are inspected by passing them through fabric inspection machine faults if any found in the fabric are removed. The inspected fabric is sent to cutting section where the fabric is spread on the cutting table for cutting into desired size of different pieces. These cut pieces are stitched to give final shape of track suits. Finally, the suits are charged into garment washing machine and treated in washing detergent for sometimes. After down loading the garments from washing machine, they are put into hydroextracting machine to remove excess water and dried in dryer tumbler to a required extent.

Finally, the suits are checked to find out any manufacturing defects and abnormal measurement. The garments after receiving from inspection are pressed to remove wrinkle marks developed by washing, hydroextracting and drying machines. Garments obtained from pressing section are folded and packed in the polythene bags for marketing.

Quality Control and Standards

No Indian standards are prevailing for track suits. The track suits are generally made as per the choice of customers. Care must be taken to purchase good quality cotton, nylon and other trimmings and embelishment materials in order to maintain quality of end products.

Production Capacity (per annum)



Value (Rs.)

Track suits 550000 137500000
Total 550000 137500000

Motive Power

Total 35 HP is required to run the unit at full capacity. This is proposed to be met from State Electricity Board.

Pollution Control

Not required.

Energy conservation

Energy can be conserved by proper house keeping and installing suitable motors.

Financial Aspects

Financial Aspects

Land and Building
Land @ Rs. 2000p.s.m. Amounting Rs.2400000
Building Area
Factory shed 600sq. mt.
Store (Raw material) 150sq. mt.
Store (Finished goods) 150sq. mt.
Office etc. 100 sq. mt.
Total Covered Area 1000 sq. mt.
Total Construction Cost @ Rs. 3000/ 3000000
Total Investment in land and Building 5400000

Machinery and Equipments



Rate (In Rs.)

Amount (Rs.)

Fabric inspection machine 1 230000 230000
Motorised fabric cutting machine 1 120000 120000
Overlock stitching machine with motor 20 12000 240000
Flat lock stitching machine with motor 4 140000 560000
Sewing machine with motor 20 7000 140000
Rib cutting machine with motor 4 9000 36000
Garment washing machine 50 kg. capacity 2 180000 360000
Hydroextractor 25 kg. capacity 2 100000 200000
Drying tumbler 25 kg. capacity 1 180000 180000
Wash room trolleys fitted with ball bearing rollers 3 15000 45000
Electric iron 10 3000 30000
Workshop accessories LS 40000 40000
Total 2181000

Other Fixed Assets


Erection and installation 218100
Office furniture 80000
Pre-operative expenses 40000
Total 338100
Total Fixed Capital 7919100

Working Capital (per month)

Staff and labour Wages



Rate (In Rs.)

Amount (Rs.)

Manager 1 17000 17000
Sales Officer 2 12000 24000
Clerk/Typist 1 6000 6000
Peon 2 5000 10000
Watchman 2 4000 8000
Production Staff
Cutting master 1 12000 12000
Supervisor 1 7000 7000
Skilled workers 4 6000 24000
Tailors 51 6000 306000
Pressman 10 5000 50000
Helpers 7 6000 42000
Total 506000
Perquisites @ 20% 101200
G. Total 607200

Raw Material




Rate/ Unit

Amount (Rs.)

Cotton fabric Kgs. 180 150 5940000
Nylon fabric in different colour Kgs. 10000 290 2900000
Embroidery charges   LS   80000
Sewing thread @ Rs. 2/pc. Pcs. 46000 2 92000
Zip (synthetic)   23000 15 345000
Button, elastic tape etc.   LS   120000
Packing material @ Rs. 2/pc.   46000 3 138000
Washing detergent LS     10000
Total       9625000

Utilities (per month)


Electricity BillWater charges 40000
Total 40000

Other Contingent Expenses (per month)


Postage/stationery 5000
Repair and maintenance 28000
Transport/travelling charges 10000
Insurance 800
Telephone Bills 5000
Miscellaneous expenses 10000
Total 70800

Total Recurring Expenses (per month) 10343000
Total Working Capital for 2 months 20686000

Total Capital Investment

Machinery and equipment 16609000
Working capital for 2 months 20686000
Total 28605100

Machinery Utilisation

Capacity utilisation is considered as 75% of installed capacity.

Financial Analysis

Cost of Production (per year)


Recurring expenses 124116000
Depreciation on Building @ 5 % 270000
Depreciation on machinery @ 10% 214100
Depreciation on office furniture and workshop accessories @ 20% 24000
Interest on total investment @ 14% 4004714
Total 128628814

Turnover (per year)


Qty. (Pcs.)


Amount (Rs.)

Track suits of different sizes 550000 250 137500000

Net Profit (per year 8871186
Net Profit Ratio (Net profit/Turnover per year) 6.45
Rate of Return on Investment (Net Profit/Total Capital Investment) 31.01

Break-even Point

Fixed Cost


Depreciation 508100
Interest on capital investment 4004714
40% of wages of staff and labour 2914560
40% of other contingent expenses 336000
Insurance 9600
Total 7772974

B.E.P. FC × 100
= 46.7

Addresses of Machinery and Equipment Suppliers

  • M/s. Bharat Machinery Works
    44, Industrial Area-A,
  • M/s. Moonlight Knitting Machinery Works
    Vishvakarma Colony,
  • M/s. S.T.M. Knitting Machinery Works
    Near Savitry Complex,
    G.T. Road,
  • M/s. Punjab Machinery Works
    Vishvakarma Chowk,
    Near Fire Brigade,
  • M/s. Sagaritans Agency Divn.
    46-A, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road,
  • M/s. Bengal Hosiery Machinery Concern
    361/B, Rabindra Sarani,
  • M/s. Swarup Mechanical Works
    Overlock Building,
    Overlock Road,
  • M/s. Rajan Hosiery Industries
    21-B, New Qutab Road,
    Near Sadar Bazar,

Raw Material Suppliers

  • M/s. Mahavir Spinning and General Mills
    Hoshiarpur (Punjab).
  • M/s. Adinath Textiles Ltd.
    Registered Office,
    Village: Bholapur,
    P.O. Sahibana,
    Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana.

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