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Swimming suits are generally used by ladies during swimming in swimming pools, sea beaches etc. in order to keep the whole body at ease at the time of swimming. The demand for swimming suits in developed countries and developing countries is increasing. Manufacturing process of swimming suits is very simple and can be managed with a little knowledge of cutting and stitching. The raw material and the machinery required for this industry is available indigenously.

Market Potential

Swimming suits are in demand in local and western markets. Woman's ambition for sports seems to be very good. Swimming is also termed as a hobby of new generation. Young ladies like to swim at clubs, hotels and public swimming pools in order to maintain good physique, health etc. The ever increasing health consciousness has led to a huge demand for sports wears. It is, therefore, presumed that there will be enough market potential for these products.

Basis and Presumptions

  • This project is based on single shift basis with 8 hours and 300 working days in a year.
  • Working efficiency is considered at 75% in the first year and 80% in subsequent years.
  • Building is of own.
  • The costs of machinery and equipment/material indicated refer to a particular make and approximately to those prevailing at the time of preparation of this project and are likely to vary from supplier to supplier and place to place.
  • Cost of installation and electrification is taken @ 10% of cost of machinery and equipment.
  • Non-refundable deposits, project report cost, trial production cost, security deposit with Electricity Board are taken under preoperative expenses.
  • Depreciation has been considered @ 10% on plant and machinery, 20% on furniture and fixtures, workshop accessories.
  • Interest on capital investment has been taken 13% per annum.
  • Minimum 25% of total investment is required as margin money.
  • Labour charges are taken as per Minimum Wages Act of State Government.

Implementation Schedule

Activity Period
Preparation of project report 1 month
Selection of site/working shed 1 month
Registration with Commissioner of Industries/DIC 1 month
Arrangement of finance (Term loan and working capital) 3 months
Procurement of machinery and equipment 1 month
Plant erection and electrification 2 weeks
Recruitment of manpower 1 month
Arrangement of raw material including packing material 1 month
Miscellaneous works like power/water connection, Pollution Control Board etc. 2 months

Note: Considering that some of the above activities may be overlapping, the project implementation will take a total period of six months approximately for starting the production.

Technical Aspects

Process of Manufacture

In the preparatory stage, interlock knitted polyester fabrics are procured from the markets and these rolls are spread on the cutting table for fashioning and cutting in accordance with the design prior to passing it to the tailoring section where they are stitched with the help of flat lock sewing machines to get the desired shape and style. Thereafer, it is passed to the quality checking section to check extra protruding threads. Snap fastners are attached wherever necessary.

All the garments obtained from sewing section are charged into washing machine containing mild detergents and washed for 2 hours in order to remove dirt and stains acquired during the manufacturing process. After washing, the garments are hydroextracted to remove excess water and after this, they further charged in tumbler dryer for drying to a required extent. Final checking is done before pressing and packing by visualising the garments on the checking table so that any objectionable faults in the piece may be removed. The individual pieces are pressed by steam presses to remove wrinkle marks present in the pieces. All the checked garments are finally packed as per regular practice in the trade.

Quality Control and Standards

There is no specific standards prevailing for this product. However, precautions must be undertaken to purchase good quality fabrics and sewing thread with good colour fastness properties.

Production Capacity (per annum)

  Quantity (Pc.)
Swimming Costumes of assorted size 140000

Motive Power

Total power requirement will be 22 HP.

Pollution Control

There is no generation of pollution in this type of industry.

Energy conservation

Although power consumption is very low, wastage of energy can be minimised by proper housekeeping.

Financial Aspects

Financial Aspects

Land 400sq.mt. @ Rs. 3000p.s.m. Amounting Rs 1200000.00
Building Area
Factory shed 200 sq. mt.
Store (Raw material) 50 sq. mt.
Store (Finished goods) 50 sq. mt.
Office etc. 25 sq. mt.
Total Covered Area 325 sq. mt.
Total Construction Cost @ Rs. 4000/sq.mt. 1300000
Total Investment in land and Building 2500000

Machinery and Equipments



Rate (Rs.)

Amount (Rs.)

Fabric inspection machine 1 120000 120000
Flat lock stitching machine with motor 10 70000 700000
Sewing machine with motor 4 8000 32000
Eastman model fabric cutting machine 1 90000 90000
Garment washing machine 25 kg. capacity 1 170000 170000
Steam press 4 40000 160000
Washing room trolleys 3 15000 45000
Other Miscellaneous assets LS 30000 30000
Total 1717000

Other Fixed Assets


Packaging and forwarding charges @ 5% 85850
Erection and installation 171700
Office furniture 50000
Pre-operative expenses 35000
Total 342550
Total Fixed Capital 4559550

Working Capital (per month)

Staff and labour Wages

Salary and Wages


Rate (Rs.)


Manager 1 16000 16000
Clerk/Store-keeper 1 5000 5000
Watchman 1 3250 3250
Peon 1 3000 3000
Total 27250
Production Staff 21240
Cutting Master 1 10000 10000
Production Supervisor 1 8000 8000
Skilled workers 32 5000 160000
Pressing man 4 4000 16000
Unskilled workers/Helpers 10 4000 40000
Total 234000
S. Total 261250
Perquisites @20% 52250
G. Total 313500

Raw Material

Raw Material

Qty. (Kgs)

Rate/ Unit (Rs.)

Amount (Rs.)

Interlock polyester knitted fabric 2000 350 700000
Polyester sewing thread LS 26000 26000
Snap fastener, labels etc. LS 18000 18000
Packing material LS 15000 15000
Total 759000

Utilities (per month)


Electricity Water charges and Fuel for generator 18000
Total 18000

Other Contingent Expenses (per month)


Postage/Stationery 2000
Repairs and maintenance 20000
Transport/travelling charges 5000
Insurance 600
Miscellaneous 10000
Total 37600

Total Recurring Expenses (per month) 1128100
Total Working Capital for 2 months 2256200

Total Capital Investment

Land Machinery and equipments 4559550
Working capital for 2 months 2256200
Total 6815750

Machinery Utilisation

Capacity utilisation is considered as 80% of installed capacity.

Financial Analysis

Cost of Production (per year)


Recurring expenses 13537200
Depreciation on machinery @ 10% 171700
Depreciation on Building @ 5 % 125000
Depreciation on office furniture and equipments @ 20% 10000
Interest on total investment @ 13% 886047.5
Total 14729948

Turnover (per year) (Sales)



Rate (Pc.) (Rs.)

(Amount) (Rs.)

Swimming Costumes of assorted sizes 140000 115 16100000
Total 140000   16100000
Creel for 250 ends 1 80000 80000

Profitability (per annum)


Annual Profit before Tax 2516789.6
Percentage of profit on sales 6.03
Percentage of profit in investment 33.6

Net Profit (per year) 1370052
Net Profit Ratio (Net profit/Turnover (per year) 8.51
Rate of Return on Investment (Net Profit/Total Capital Investment) 20.1

Break-even Point

Fixed Cost


Depreciation 306700
Interest on capital investment 886047.5
40% of wages of staff and labour 1504800
40% of other contingent expenses 177600
Insurance 7200
Total 2882348

B.E.P. FC ×100
FC + Profit
= 67.78%

Addresses of Machinery and Equipment Suppliers

  • M/s. Paras Special Machine Co.
    Madhopur Kucha No. 7,
    Rohan Road, Ludhiana.
  • M/s. Vijay Sewing Pvt. Ltd.
    17-D, Everest House, 46-C,
    Chowringhee Road, Kolkata.
  • M/s. Industrial Machines Pvt. Ltd.
    1/23 B, Asif Ali Road,
    New Delhi-110002.
  • M/s. Apparel and Leather Techniques Pvt. Ltd.
    Kaikondanahalli, Sarjapur Road,
    Near Bellandur Gate
  • M/s. Industrial Sewing Systems
    30, Ramakrishna Street, North
    Usman Road, T. Nagar,

Raw Material Suppliers

  • M/s. Vardhman Threads Mahavir Spinning Mills Ltd.
    Chandigarh Road,
  • M/s. Powerloom Cloth Manufacturing Centre Erode,
    Bhiwandi, Mumbai, Surat, etc

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