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Product Code 345411005
Quality and Standards Buyer's/Manufacturer's own specifications
Production Capacity Qty. : 54,000 Nos. (per annum)
Value : Rs. 324.Lakhs
Uploaded on May 2007


Portable Water Filters are very common household utility item now-adays in all parts of our country. Basically its function is to filter the microsuspended particles from water supplied to our homes which contains such type of particles and makes the water sluggish and mud coloured. When water is filtered through a ceramic porous candle, the suspended particles are tapped in the candle and filtered water is collected in the bottom part of the vessel, where a tap is fitted to drain water as and when required.

The quality of potable water whether supplied from water supply agencies or through bored wells, is generally not good enough to consume. This problem is more serious in North Eastern part of our country where the main constituents which make water contaminated are oil and iron. The use of filters is the only cheapest way to solve this problem and this product is thus very essential for each house.

Market Potential

The market potential is fairly good as most of the filters available in the market are marketed by Kolkata or Delhi based manufacturers. The market is rapidly expanding to sub-urban areas and villages too, where till date the only source of portable water is wells. But now with the modern living standards, water supply system is incorporated in buildings and to improve the quality, filters are essential.

Basis and Presumptions

  • The unit proposes to work in one shift of 8 hours with 75% efficiency.
  • The full capacity utilisation can be achieved in one year.
  • Interest rate of loans is taken @ 12% for fixed capital and working capital.
  • The promoter's contribution is 25%.
  • Payback period of the project is five years.
  • The labour wages are based on local market conditions and observations.

Implementation Schedule

Datum : Submission of application for the preparation of Project Report.



Preparation of Project Report 8 weeks
Selection of site and obtaining of provisional registration 2 weeks
Application for institutional finance 2 week
Financial tie ups for the implementation of the project 3 weeks
Marketing arrangements 8 weeks
Placement of orders for machinery and equipments 2 weeks.
Delivery of machinery and equipments 2 weeks
Trial and production run 4 weeks.

Technical Aspects

Process of Manufacture

Stainless steel portable water filter is a unit which consists of two vessel made of steel. The top vessel is used to store raw water. It has one/two ceramic candles at the bottom which allow water to flow across it and traps suspended particles. The filtered water is accumulated in the lower vessel drop by drop, where a tap is fitted at the bottom to drain water for use. The top vessel has a lid on top.

The manufacturing of steel vessels involves the following steps

S.S. Blanks (Purchased/Blanked on Circle Cutting Machine)
Deep Drawing
Trimming and Curling
Punching of Holes for Fittings

(Accessories e.g. tap, ceramic filter candles and lid knobs are supplied along with, which are fitted by the customers at home as per Instructions Manual.)

Quality Control and Standards

There is no ISI specification for the product. However, the product is made to various sizes ranging from 12 lit. to 30 lit. capacity out of stainless steel sheets of 24 and 28 gauge.

Production Capacity (per annum)

Quantity 54000 Nos.
Value 324 Lakhs
Motive Power 25 H.P.

Financial Aspects

Fixed Capital

(i) Land and Building
(i) Land 200 sq. mtr. @ Rs. 6000 per sq. mtr including registration 1200000
(ii) Cost of land development, fencing, approach road, inside roads, land scaping, drainage etc. @ Rs. 1000 per sq. mtr. 200000
(iii) Total built-up area 150 sq. mtrs.@ Rs 5000/- sq Mtr 750000
Water System (including Bore Well + over head tank etc) 100000
Total civil cost= cost of land + building 2250000

(ii) Machinery and Equipments



Rate (Rs.)

Amount (In Rs.)

Deep drawing double action cam type power press, size
No.3 blank admitted 15", deep draw 4", No. of strokes/ minute-15, alongwith 7.5 HP motor
2 200000 400000
Beading machine with complete accessories 1 20000 20000
Stamping Machine 1 10000 10000
Lathe Machine 2 HP Motor, Centre height 12" length of bed 6 Ft. 1 50000 50000
Electrically heated box type chamber furnace. Heating chamber size 24" × 24" × 18".20 kW with temperature control device. 1 150000 150000
Circle cutting machine
pedestal type 6" to 42"
with 1 HP motor
1 20000 20000
Polishing machine
with 2 HP Motor
4 20000 80000
Beam scale 1 8000 8000
Arc Welding equipment 1 20000 20000
Double ended bench grinder wheel size 10" × 1" with 1 HP motor 1 16000 16000
Drilling machine 1" cap. with 1 HP motor 1 15000 15000
Punching Machine with accessories, cap. 1/2" to 2" 1 15000 15000
Hand tools like spanners, files, chissels, drills, taps grease gun, and oiling equipment L.S. 10000 10000
Precision instruments and measuring tools like vernier, caliper micrometer gouge etc. L.S. 10000 10000
Cost of dies for press and fixtures for different items L.S. 40000 40000
Cost of office equipment including Typewtriter, Fax
Machine, etc.
L.S. 80000 80000
Erection, Installation and Electrification Charges @ 10% L.S.   94400
Total 1038400
(iii) Pre-operative Expenses 50000
Total Fixed Capital (i+ii+iii) 3338400

B. Working Capital (per month)

(i) Salary and Wages



Salary (Rs.)

Amount (In Rs.)

Manager-cum- Accountant 1 15000 15000
Clerk cum Typist 1 7000 7000
Store Keeper 1 5000 5000
Foreman cum diemaker 1 6000 6000
Pressman 2 6000 12000
Polishers 4 6000 24000
Circle blank cutter 1 5000 5000
Peon-cum-watchman 1 3000 3000
Skilled Workers 6 4000 24000
Un-skilled Workers 4 3000 12000
Perquisites @ 22% 24860
Total 137860

(ii) Raw Material



Rate (Rs.)

Amount (Rs.)

Stainless steel circle (24,26 gauge) MT including 2% wastage 10 140000 1400000
Lusser mops, buffs, emery paper, polishing compound, lubricants, etc.   LS 20000
Ceramic Candles, lid knobs, rubber base ring and metallic taps 4500 120 540000
Total 1960000

(iii) Utilities


(In Rs.)

Electrical Power LS 10000
Total 10000

(iv) Other Contingent Expenses


(In Rs.)

Postage and Stationery 3000
Repairs and Maintenance 10000
Transport and Travelling Expenses 10000
Insurance 3000
Packaging and Forwarding 20000
Telephone 3000
Publicity and Advertising 20000
Other Misc. Expenses 10000
Total 79000

(v) Total Recurring Expenditure (per month)


(In Rs.)

Salary and Wages 137860
Raw Materials 1960000
Utilities 10000
Other Contingent Expenses 79000
Total 2186860
(vi) Working Capital for 2 months 4373720

C. Total Capital Investment

(i) Fixed Capital 3338400
(ii) Working Capital (for 2 months) 4373720
Total 7712120

Machinery Utilization

75% of the capacity utilisation has been taken into consideration.

Financial Analysis

Cost of Production (per year)

(In Rs.)

Total recurring cost 26242320
Depreciation on Building @ 5 % 112500
Depreciation on machinery and equipment @10% 86400
Depreciation on office equipment @ 20% 16000
Total interest on capital investment @ 12% 925454
Total 27382674

Turn-over (per annum)


Amount. (In Rs.)

Total Production of Water Filter will be 54000 pcs. (4500pcs.×12 months) for sale of different sizes and the average sale price is Rs. 600 per piece.


Net Profit (per year) (Before taxes)

Total Sales - Cost of Production 5017326

Net Profit Ratio

  Net Profit per year × 100
  Turnover per year
  = 15.49

Rate of Return

  Net Profit per year × 100
  Total Capital Investment
  = 65.06

Break-even Point

Fixed Cost

(In Rs.)

Depreciation on Building @ 5 % 112500
Insurance 36000
Depreciation on machinery and equipment 86400
Depreciation on office equipment 16000
Total interest on capital investment 925454
40% of salaries 661728
40% of other contingent expenses 379200
Total 2217282

B.E.P 2217282 × 100
2217282 + 5017326
  = 30.65

Addresses of Manufacturers and Machinery /Equipment Suppliers

  • M/s. Radha Enterprises
    169, Gopal Nagar, Hapur Road,
    Ghaziabad (UP)
  • M/s. Hindustan Metal and Engineering Works
    Jeewali Bazar, Rewari
  • M/s. G. P. Iron and Metal Industries
    Dera Nanak Road,
  • M/s. Midnapore Engineering Works
    63, Kalbortya Para Lane,
    Salkia, Howrah (WB)
  • M/s. Howrah Sheet Metal and Engg. Works
    242/1/11, G.T. Road,
    Ghusuri, Howrah-7
  • M/s. Rama Industries
    Jajjar Road, Rewari
  • M/s. Prem Metal Products Ltd.
    Adhyatmic Nagar,
    Ghaziabad (UP)
  • M/s. Auto Test
    B-5, DSIDC Indl. Complex,
    Rohtak Road,
  • M/s. M.G. Electricals
    Plot No. 97, Sector 24,
  • M/s. Simplicity Engineers (P) Ltd.
    B-99, Mayapuri Indl. Area,
    New Delhi-110064
  • M/s. Steel Plant (P) Ltd.
    205, Dr. Annie Besant Road,
    Worli, Mumbai-18
  • M/s. Standard Engg., Co. Ltd.
    B-1-102, Himalaya House,
    10th Floor, 23, Kasturba Gandhi Marg,
    New Delhi-110001
  • M/s. United Electrical Co.
    18, New Qutab Road,
  • M/s. Rajendra Electric Works
    3559, Qutab Road,
  • M/s. Sham Ravinder and Co.
    A-46, Indl. Area,
    G.T. Karnal Road,

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