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Product Code 343201011
Quality and Standards IS 1363:1992
IS 1367:1994
IS 2389:1968
IS 4206:1987
Production Capacity Qty. : 720 M.T. (Per annum)
Value : Rs.
Uploaded on April 2007


An industrial fastener comprises a very wide range of items like nuts and bolts, washers, studs, nails etc. Nuts and bolts consist a major link in the family of industrial fasteners and are used by every industry. Bolt is a piece of metal rod, whose one end is upsettled and other end is threaded. Nut is the item which rolls on these threads. Nut and bolts are available in various shapes, designs and sizes. Nuts and bolts are used for fastening purpose in industries where the replacement of pieces and the parts is necessary. There are many industries producing these nuts and bolts of various sizes, but the demand too is increasing as well as the raw material for the products is easily and indigenously available. The main raw material is mild steel wire coil/rod of required diameter. The composition of materials controls the quality of the bolts and nuts. The recommended composition for nuts and bolts raw material is given as under

Carbon 0.22 to 0.23%
Phosphorus 0.40%
Manganese 0.39 to 0.60%
Sulphur 0.50%

Nuts and bolts are classified by two ways:

  • Their uses,
  • Shape of head.

In terms of use, nuts and bolts are of several type:

Larger dia bolts, machine bolts, stand bolts, joint bolts, foundation bolts and nuts etc. in terms of shape, bolt and nuts are classified by head shape like hexagonal head, square head, round head, pan head, truss head etc.

Market Potential

The demand of nuts and bolts is influenced by the following factors

  • Transportation industries, Railways, aircraft, wagon, bicycles, automobile, body builders, etc.
  • Electrical industries like manufacturing of transformer, electric motors, fans etc.
  • Building activities such as construction of bridges, fabrication of various steel structure etc.
  • Other heavy and light industries, steel and wooden furnitures, machine tools, agricultural machines and agricultural implements etc.

As various type of MS and HT nuts and bolts are used in above sectors, the market demand is directly proportionate to the development of these industrial segments.

Basis and Presumptions

Capacity Utilisation 75% on single Double Shift basis
Time period of 1 year 300 days
Labour wages Estimated on the minimum wages
Rate of interest 12%
Margin money 25% varying from state to state
Operation period of project 10 Years
Land & Building Own
Cost of machinery and equipment is approximate to that prevailing in the market.

Implementation Schedule


Period in Weeks

Selection of site 2
Preparation of project report 4
Provisional Registration 1
Financial arrangement 8
Procurement of machinery 8
Installation, electrification and commissioning of machinery 6
Selection and placement of staff 2
Procurement of raw materials, tools etc. 2
Total 33 Weeks

Technical Aspects

Process of Manufacture

The raw material used for manufacture of bolt is M.S. Rounds. As some of the rounds available are rusty and not perfectly round and straight, it is necessary to make them round. The rounds are pickled in the acid tanks, washed and drawn in a drawing machine. The cleaned rod is fed into the cold heading machine. In the machine, one end of the rod is cut into the desired length with cutting stroke and simultaneously the head formation takes at other end. For the HT bolts, forging is done on hot forging press. The pins are then trimmed in the trimming machine. In quality bolts, the lower side of the head is also faced. Threading is done in the thread rolling machines.

While manufacturing nuts, the hexagonal rod of desired size is procured and the nuts are cut on the automatic nut-cutting machine. Cutted nuts blanks are drilled and tapped on the nut-tapping machine. Finally, these are deburred in the polishing barrel.

Process Flow Chart (M.S. Bolts)
Mild steel rod
Bolt cutting
Head making
Head trimming
Thread rolling
Process Flow Chart (H.T. Bolts)
Mild steel rod
Wire drawing
Bolt cutting
Heat treatment (800OC - 900OC)
Tempering (400OC - 500OC)

Quality Control and Standards

The Bureau of Indian Standards has laid down the following quality standards for M.S. and High tensile fasteners such as Bolts and Nuts

IS 1363 : 1992
IS 1367 : 1994
IS 4206 : 1987

Production Capacity


Value (In Rs.)

Nuts and Bolts of various sizes 720 MT
Motive Power 85 HP.

Pollution Control

This industry involves pollution to some extent for which State Pollution Control Board has to be approached.

Energy Conservation

The unit is equipped with electric powered machinery. The energy conservation efforts need in unit is the creation of awareness among the workers.

Financial Aspects

Fixed Capital

(i) Land and Building

Amount (In Rs.)

(i) Land 1500 sq. mtr. @ Rs. 3500 per sq. mtr including registration 5250000
(ii) Total built-up area 1200 sq. mtrs. as follows  
Administrative building 100 sq. mtrs. construction cost @ Rs. 7,500 per sq. m 750000
Factory shed 1000 sq. mtrs. construction cost @ Rs.4000 per sq. mtr. 4000000
Stores, staff canteen etc. 100 sq. mtrs. @ Rs. 4000 per sq. mtr. 400000
Water Supply system(including Tube well +overhead tanK) 100000
Total civil cost= cost of land + building 10500000

(ii) Machinery and Equipment (per month)



Amount (In Rs.)

Double stroke solid die cold head forging machine suitable for bolt dia 6 mm to 18 mm and length 20 mm to 150 mm with 15 HP electric motor 1No. 1000000
Head trimming machine upto 18 mm dia bolt x 150 mm length with 10 HP electric motor 1No. 600000
Thread rolling machine suitable for upto 18 mm dia bolt x length 150 mm with 15 HP electric motor 1 No. 600000
Bull block wire drawing machine 1 No. 160000
Wire pointing machine with 1 HP motor 1 No. 25000
Steel polishing barrel with electric motor 1 No. 60000
Nut Making Section
Automatic nut forming plant, five station capacity 18 mm dia with 25 HP motor, lubricant and coolant pump 4 Nos. . 1600000
Nut tapping machine with 3 HP motor and stater 4 Nos. 300000
Semi muffle oil fired furnace 1 No. 200000
Tempering furnace H.T. air circulated type electrically heated temp. upto 500OC 3 KW rating 1 No. 100000
Die, tools guage and measuring instruments L.S. 250000
Electrification and installation @ 10%   489500
Office equipment and furnitures 80000
Generator Set for electricity backup 300000
Total 5764500
Total Fixed Capital i.e Cost of Building + Machinery 16264500

Working Capital (per month)

(i) Personnel



Salary (Rs.)

Total (In Rs.)

Manager 1 15000 15000
Office Assistant/clerk 1 8000 8000
Skilled worker 12 7000 84000
Semi-skilled Worker 4 6000 24000
Un-skilled Worker 6 4500 27000
Watchman-cum-Peon 1 3000 3000
Supervisor 2 8000 16000
Total     177000
Perquisites @ 22%     38940
Total     215940

(ii) Raw Material (Indigenous)



Amount (In Rs.)

M.S. Wire/rod 6mm - 18mm dia @ Rs.36000/ MT 38.5 MT 1386000
Hexagonal M.S. rod 6mm - 18mm dia @ Rs. 35000 per MT 21.50 MT 752500
materials and
L.S. 30000
Total   2168500

(iii) Utilities


Amt.(In Rs.)

i) Electricity 60000
ii) Furnace oil, 12000 ltrs. @Rs. 40 per ltr. 480000
iii) Lubricant oil etc. 5000
Total 545000

(iv) Other Contingent Expenses


(In Rs.)

Maintenance and repair 5000
Postage, stationery and phone 8000
Packing and transport 20000
Travelling and conveyance 10000
Insurance 2000
Miscellaneous expenses 10000
Total 55000

(v) Total Recurring Expenditure [i + ii + iii + iv]

i) 215940+(ii) 2168500+(iii)545000+(iv) 55000 = 2984440
(vi) Total Working Capital for 1.5 months Rs 4476660

Total Capital Investment

(i) Fixed Capital 16264500
(ii) Working Capital (for 1.5 months) 4476660
Total 20741160

Financial Analysis

Cost of Production (per year)

(In Rs.)

Total recurring cost 35813280
Depreciation on machines and equipments @ 10% 489500
Depreciation on office and equipment @ 20% 16000
Interest on total Capital Investment @ 12% 2488939
Depreciation on Building @ 5 % 525000
Total 39332719

Total Sales (per annum)


Rate Rs/Kg

Qty in MT

(In Rs.)

MS bolts 58 240 13920000
MS nuts 58 120 6960000
HT bolts 65 230 14950000
HT nuts 70 130 9100000
Total     44930000

Profit (per year)

  Rs. 44930000 - 39332719
  = 5597281

Net Profit Ratio on Sale

  Net profit × 100
  5597281× 100
  = 12.46

Rate of Return

  Net profit × 100
  Total investment
  5597281 × 100
  = 14.23

Break-even Point

Annual Fixed Cost

(In Rs.)

Depreciation on Buildings 525000
Depreciation on machinery and equipment 489500
Depreciation on office equipment 16000
Interest on total investment 2488939
40% of salary and wages 1036512
40% of other contingent expenses excluding insurance 254400
100 % of Insurance 24000
Total 4834351

B.E.P 4834351 × 100
  4834351 + 5597281
  = 46.34

Addresses of Machinery and Equipment Suppliers

  • M/s. Sohal Engineering Corporation
    61, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,
    Kolkata - 700013
  • M/s. Perfect Machine Tools Co. Pvt. Ltd.
    Bell Building, Sir P.M. Road,
    Fort, Mumbai
  • M/s. Manek Lal and Sons.
    23, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,
    Kolkata - 700 013
  • M/s. Industrial Machine Corporation
    F-36-C, Sainik Market,
    Main Road, Ranchi
  • M/s. S.S. Sabarwal and Sons
    664, Military Road,
    Anand Parbat Indl. Area,
    New Delhi-110005
  • M/s. Kalihar Machine Tools
    Plot No. 18696/1,
    K.M. Singh St. No. 7,
  • M/s. H. Mann Industries
    Ram Tirath Road,
    Amritsar - 143 001

Addresses of Raw Material Suppliers

  • M/s. Usha Martin Industries
  • M/s. M. V. Wires Pvt. Ltd.
    Poddar Estate, Mahilong,
  • Local Market

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