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Product Code 292007000
The following Indian Standard specifications are available to guide the manufacturer of industrial hand gloves and to maintain quality control.
Leather gauntlets for workers IS 2573:1963.
Leather gauntlets for workers in iron and steel industry IS 2574:1963
Quality and Standards Leather Mittens for workers in iron and steel industry. IS 3575:1963
The split chrome leather used must have been processed properly to give the required pliability and stitch tear strength for assuming quality of gloves produced. The thread used for stitching must also conform to the prescribed standard.
Production Capacity Qty. : 1,50,000 pairs (per annum)
Value : Rs.5250000
Uploaded on March 2007


Industrial hand gloves serve as an item of protective apparel for workers in factories. Hand gloves are of various types and sizes. Fast moving sizes are 14", 16", 18" etc. The materials that go in the production of hand gloves vary from cotton fabrics and asbestos to variety of leathers. Leather, however, since supreme in the production of industrial hand gloves. Amongst leather chrome tanned split leather is predominantly in use possibly because of its cheap price and peculiar qualities needed for hand gloves as compared to other kind of leather. Chrome tanned split leather imparts special qualities to withstand roughness of the handling material and gives enough flexibility and softness for the hand to move in the gloves easily and swiftly while working in the workshop. Such industrial gloves are widely used in industry, Railway and Defence. Due to rapid industrialization and expansion of railway the use of industrial hand gloves is expected to grow considerably.

Market Potential

Looking to the internal and external demand it appears that we are not in a position to cope with the demand and as such there is a good scope for starting new units for manufacture of industrial hand gloves. Fortunately the raw material is available in the country especially split leather due to increase in production of finished leather based on hides.

Basis and Presumptions

  • The production is based on a double shift, where shift is of 8 hours per day and 25 working days in a month.
  • Time period for achieving full capacity utilisation is 3 years.
  • Labour will be engaged on monthly basis keeping in view the present rate prevailing in the market.
  • Rate of interest for fixed and working capital @ 12% per annum.
  • Margin Money, 25%
  • Land and Building, own. Builtup area, 100 Sq. meters.

Implementation Schedule

It will take one year to complete all the formalities before starting the commercial production.

Technical Aspects

Process of Manufacture

The leather is checked for uniform thickness, holes and flying cuts, if any. It is then marked with the pattern and then cut with the help of scissors or clicking knife into different components. After stitching all the components suitably, the gloves are turned inside out. The gloves are then ready for packing and despatch.

Production Capacity

Industrial hand gloves 1,50,000 pairs (per annum)
Value Rs.5250000

Pollution Control

This industry does not create any kind of pollution and as such there is no need to take any preventive measures for pollution control.

Financial Aspects

Fixed Capital

Land and Building
Land 200 sq. mtr. @ Rs. 3500 per sq. mtr including registration 700000
Total built-up area 100 sq. mtrs. as follows
Administrative office,factory shed 100 sq. mtrs. construction cost @ Rs. 6000 per sq. m 600000
Water System (including Bore Well + over head tank etc) 200000
Electricity backup(generator and others equipment) 100000
Total civil cost= cost of land + building 1600000

Machinery and Equipments


Imp./ Ind.


Rate (Rs.)

Amount (Rs.)

Flat bed single needle industrial sewing machine power operated 1/2 HP motor Ind. 5 10000 50000
Cylinder bed single needle industrial sewing machine power operated 1/2 HP motor   2 15000 30000
Cost of tools and fixtures     1,00,000 10000
Cost of office furniture and workshop furniture     50,000 80000
Erection ,Taxes, Electrification and Installation of machinery @ 40%     75,000 68000
Total       238000
Pre-operative Expenses 20000
Total Fixed Capital (i+ii+iii) 1858000

B. Working Capital (per month)

(i) Staff and Labour (per month)



Rate (Rs.)

Amount (Rs.)

Production Manager 1 35,000 35,000
Accountant 1 25,000 25,000
Salesman 5 15000 75,000
Clickers 3 13333 40,000
Stitchers 5 10000 50,000
Unskilled Workers 6 4000 24,000
Sweeper/Watchman 10 5000 50,000
Total 136000
Add perquisites @ 22% on Salary 29920
Total 165920

(ii) Raw Materials Including Packing Requirements (per month)




Rate @/unit (Rs.)

Value (Rs.)

Chrome tanned Split leather (3.5 Pairs per kg.) 3571 Kg 50 178550
Thread 12500 Pairs 0.75 9375
packing material (Carton pack for 100 pairs, poly packing for individual pairs) 126 No. 40 5040
Total       192965

(iii) Utilities (per month)


Amount (Rs.)

Power 3000
Total 3000

(iv) Other Contingent Expenses (per month)


Amount (Rs.)

Postage and Stationery 3000
Consumable Stores 2000
Repair and Maintenance 2000
Transportation charges 5000
Telephone 3000
Advertisement and Publicity 10000
Insurance 1000
Miscellaneous Expenses 2000
Total 28000


Amount (Rs.)

Raw Materials 192965
Staff and Labour 165920
Utilities 3000
Other Contingent expenses 28000
Total 389885
Working Capital for 3 months  
Working Capital (for 1.5 months) 389885 x 1.5 584828

C. Total Capital Investment

Fixed Capital 1858000
Working capital for 1.5 months 584828
Total 2442828

Financial Analysis

Cost of Production (per annum)

Amount (Rs.)

Total recurring cost 4678620
Depreciation on machinery @ 10% 8000
Depreciation on Building @5% 80000
Depreciation on tools @ 25% 2500
Depreciation on furniture @20% 16000
Interest on Total Capital Investment @ 12% 293139
Total 5078259

Turnover (per annum)



Rate (Rs.)

Value (Rs.)

Industrial hand gloves 150,000 pairs 35 per pair 5250000
Total 5250000

Net Profit (before taxation) (per year)



Turnover - Cost of Production 5250000 - 5078259

Net Profit Ratio


Net Profit per year x 100

Turnover per Year

  1,71,741x 100

Rate of Return on Total Investment


Net Profit per year x 100

Total Investment

  171741 x 100

Break-even Point



Depreciation on machinery @ 10% 8000
Depreciation on Building @5% 80000
Depreciation on tools @ 25% 2500
Depreciation on furniture @20% 16000
Interest on Total Capital Investment @ 12% 293139
40% of Salary and Wages 796416
40% of utilities and other Contingent expenses 148800
Total 1344855
B.E.P Fixed cost x 100
Fixed cost + Net Profit
  1344855 x 100
  1344855 + 1,71,741

Addresses of Machinery and Equipment Suppliers

  • M/s. Singer Sewing Machine Co.
    Nehru Bazar,
  • M/s. Industrial Sewing Machine
    Co. (P) Ltd.,
    Kakad Chambers, 5th Floor,
    Dr. Annie Besant Road,
  • M/s. Peelu Sales Corporation,
    Meera Hussani Chouraha,
    Hing Ki Mandi,
    Agra (U.P.)

  • Raw Material Suppliers

  • M/s. Tata Export Tannery
    Division, Agra Mumbai Road,
    Dewas (M.P.)
  • M/s. Tannery and Footwear
    Corporation of India,
    Civil Line,
    Kanpur (U.P.)
  • M/s. Gordon Woodroffee
    Leather Mfg. Co. Ltd.
  • M/s. Usha Leather Industries
    Dharavi, Mumbai-17

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