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Product Code 291101003
Quality and Standards BIS has specified the following certain specifications which can be followed for manufacturing a long boot welt with double insole
  • Gents Leather Shoes IS 2060:1962
  • Chrome Upper leather IS 578:1971
  • Lining Leather IS 3840:1966
  • Vegetable tanned sole leather IS 579:1973
  • Adhesive IS 4463:1968
Production Capacity Quantity : 60,000 pairs (per annum) Value : Rs.
Uploaded on March 2007


Footwear has come a long way from its humble beginning. It is no longer just a functional necessity, but rather, something that is flaunted as a fashion statement. In earlier days, a person was considered well heeled if he had a pair of formal shoes, a pair of chappal and may be one pair of sandal foot casual footwear. Today's average consumer is more conscious of his image and more selective in his preference. He is interested in variety and style all this has helped the boom of the footwear industry. Gents Leather long boot welted with double insole is one of the sophisticated items of footwear industry. Footwear industry is one of the major export oriented industries in India. The raw materials for the manufacture of these boots are indigenously available. There is no dearth of raw material as well as labour for the manufacture of the boot because these are available locally.

Market Potential

Footwear industry is one of the major foreign exchange earners of India. Out of the export of around Rs. 7000 crores today leather goods and footwear constitute about 83% and finished leather about 15%, a real leap forward. In 1999-2000 finished leather fetched Rs. 1035 crores, from leather footwear, Rs. 1,433 crores, from footwear component, Rs. 994 crores from leather garments, Rs. 1380 crores and other leather goods Rs. 155 crores. The demand of the boot is increasing in the overseas market as well as internal market. In international market, the demand is increasing day-by-day as the export of boot is increasing every year.

Basis and Presumptions

Production of the boot is based on DOUBLE shift operation of 16 hrs. duration daily with 25 working days in a month. It has been presumed that the proposed unit will achieve 50% of its capacity in the first year of operation which will raise to 60%, 70%, 80% and 90% in second, third, fourth and fifth year respectively.

Sales revenue has been calculated on full capacity utilisation as given above. In the manpower projection, it has been presumed that the administrative and managerial staff will remain the same. Direct as well as casual labour will be utilized at 60% of their strength in first, second and third and 90% in the fourth and fifth year.

Depreciation has been charged on machinery at 10% on Boot last and tools @ 25%, office equipment @ 20% and interest on capital investment is taken at 12%.

Implementation Schedule


Period (in months)

Registration and other formalities 1
Selection of site 1
Availability of finance/loan 2
Procurement of machinery 3
Erection and commissioning 1
Recruitment of labour 1
Total production 1
Total 10

Technical Aspects

Process of Manufacturing

As per graded pattern of various sizes for upper and lining components are cut by clicking machine and sent to the closing section. In the closing section these upper components are skived and folded as per requirements. The lining is then stitched with upper on various sewing machines and excess lining is trimmed. Finally, the eyelets are fixed and the uppers are cleaned and ready for lasting.

In the making section the upper is lasted either by machine or by hand and rubber sole is attached to the upper by various processes like hand sewn, shock on process. The shoes are then finished by combined finishing machine, stamped and packed.

Quality Control and Standards

At present no quality specification for the particular boot. But for the export order specifications are provided by the buyer's only.

Production Capacity (per annum)

Quantity 60,000 pairs
Value Rs. 1,02,00,000
Motive Power 10 HP.

Pollution Control

Not applicable.

Energy Conservation

Regular power supply is required to run the unit smoothly as the sewing machines are motorised.

Financial Aspects

Fixed Capital

(i) Land and Building
Land 500 sq. mtr @ Rs 3500/- per 1750000
Office building, Lab. Store @ 7000/mtr. 700000
Floor area construction ,factory shed, Boundary wall etc. 300 @ 5000 1500000
GEN SET ,Water System(including borewell sanitation overhead tank) 500000
Total 4450000

(ii) Machinery and Equipments


Imp./ Ind.


Rate (Rs.)

Value (Rs.)

Clicking Press Ind 1 150000 150000
Skiving machine Ind. 1 80000 80000
Stamping machine Ind. 1 35000 35000
Punching and Eyeleting Ind. 1 36000 36000
Flat bed Industrial sewing machine Ind. 6 11000 66000
Zig-Zag Sewing machine Ind. 2 15000 30000
Cylinder bed sewing machine Ind. 2 18000 36000
Post bed sewing machine Ind. 2 18000 36000
Fore Part Lasting machine Imp. 1 850000 850000
Side and Seat lasting machine Imp. 1 1000000 1000000
Combined finishing machine Ind. 1 90000 90000
Cementing press-four bed operated with Air compressor 1 HP motor Ind. 1 35000 35000
Wooden Last   250 350 87500
Tools and Equipments       70000
Office equipments and furniture       100000
Erection,electrification Installation . Exise and others leverages @ 40% total 1 to 15       1080600
Total       3782100
(iii) Pre-operative Expenses       80000
Total Fixed Capital (i+ii+iii) 8312100

B. Working Capital (per month)

(i) Staff and Labour (per month)



Salary (Rs.)

Total (Rs.)

Production Manager 2 15000 30000
Designer 1 10000 10000
Supervisor 2 7000 14000
Accountant-cum-Cashier 1 7000 7000
Clerk-cum-typist 1 5000 5000
Mechanic 1 6000 6000
Machine Operator/ Skilled Worker 30 6000 180000
Semi-skilled workers 15 4000 60000
Store keeper 1 3500 3500
Peon/Chowkidar 1 3000 3000
Sweeper 1 3000 3000
Total     321500
Add perquisites @ 22% on Salary     70730
Total     392230

(ii) Raw Materials including packing requirements (per month)




Rate (Rs.)

Value (Rs.)

Upper Leather 175000 dcm 4.5 787500
Softy lining 100000 dcm 3.0 300000
V.T. Sole for Insole, Toe puff and Stiffener 1750 kgs. 140 245000
Fabric lining 500. mts 40 20000
Rubber Sole 1000 sheets 450 450000
Grinderies 5000 pairs 24 120000
Packing material 5000 pairs 15 75000
Total 1997500

(iii) Utilities (per month)


Amount (Rs.)

Power 15000
Total 15000

(iv) Other Contingent Expenses (per month)


Amount (Rs.)

Postage and Stationery 5000
Transportation charges 20000
Repair and Maintenance 10000
Consumable Stores 15000
Advertisement and Publicity 50000
Telephone& internet 5000
Insurance 8000
Miscellaneous Expenses 15000
Total 128000

(v) Total Working Capital (per month)


Amount (Rs.)

Raw Materials 1997500
Staff and Labour 392230
Utilities 128000
Other contingent expenses 128000
Total 2645730

(vi) Working Capital (for 1 1/2 months)

Rs. 2645730 x 1.5 3968595

C. Total Capital Investment

Fixed Capital 8312100
Working capital (for 1.5 months) 3968595
Total 12280695

Machinery Utilisation

All sewing machines, skiving, clicking, buffing and roughing are the major machines, which are expected to be utilized upto 80%.

Financial Aspects

Cost of Production (per annum)

Amount (Rs.)

Total recurring cost 31748760
Depreciation on machinery @ 10% 253150
Depreciation on Building@5% 222500
Depreciation on equipments @ 25% 17500
Depreciation on office equipments @ 20% 20000
Depreciation on wooden last @ 25% 21875
Interest on Total Capital Investment @ 12% 1473683
Total 33757468

Turnover (per year)




Value (Rs.)

Boots in pairs 60000 600 36000000
Total 36000000

Net Profit (before taxation) (per year)


Turnover - Cost of Production

  36000000- 33757468
  = 2242532

Net Profit Ratio


Net Profit per year x 100

Turnover per year

  2242532 x 100

Rate of Return on Total Investment


Net Profit per year x 100

Total Investment

  2242532 x 100

Break-even Point

Fixed Cost


Amount (Rs.)

Depreciation on machinery @ 10% 253150
Depreciation on Building@5% 222500
Depreciation on equipments @ 25% 17500
Depreciation on office equipments @ 20% 20000
Depreciation on wooden last @ 25% 21875
Interest on Total Capital Investment @ 12% 1473683
40% of Salary and Wages 1882704
40% of utilities and other Contingent expenses 576000
Total 4467412
B.E.P Fixed cost x 100
Fixed cost + Net Profit
  4467412 x 100
  4467412 + 2242532

Addresses of Machinery and Equipment Suppliers

  • M/s. S.P. Engineering Works,
    Dayal Bagh Road,
    New Agra,
  • M/s. Technical Service Centre,
    Sector B-24,
    Guindy Industrial Estate,
    Ekaduthangal Post,
    Chennai-600 097.
  • M/s. Harman Sales Union,
    24, Kala Bhavan,
    Mathew Road,
    Mumbai-400 004.
  • M/s. Benson Industries,
    96, Sri Arbindo Road,
    Salkia, Howrah,
    West Bengal.
  • M/s. Bharat Sales Agencies,
    Gresham Assurance House,
    3rd Floor, Sir P.M.Road,
    Mumbai-400 001.
  • M/s. Leather Packing Machinery Corpn.,
    1/23-B, Asaf Ali Road,
    New Delhi.
  • M/s. Paul Bros. and Co.
    642, Anna Salai,
    Thousand Light,
    Chennai-600 006.
  • M/s. Footform,
    30, Banerjee Para Road,
    Sarsuna, Kolkata.
  • M/s. Precision Shoe Last Factory,
    60, Industrial Estate,
    Agra-6, U.P.
  • M/s. Sanghri Shoe Accessories Pvt. Ltd.
    11, Harikripa, 10th Road,
    Mumbai-400 071.

Raw Material Suppliers

  • M/s. T. Abdul Waheed and Co.
    26, Vepari High Road,
    Chennai-600 003.
  • M/s. Valliappa Leather Corpn.
    3/5 & 6, Narayana Chetty Street,
    Chennai-600 003.
  • M/s. Abdul Khander and Co.
    8, Kumarappa Chetty Street,
    Chennai-600 003.
  • M/s. Shafeeq Shameed and Co.
    26, EVR Sampath Road,
    Vepari, Chennai-600 007.
  • M/s. Farida Prime Tannery,
    936, Periyar EVR High Road,
  • M/s. Modi Threads,
    Modi Nagar,
    Meerut, U.P.
  • M/s. Synfhokem Industries,
    5, Hindi Prachar Sabha Street,
    Chennai-600 017.
  • M/s. Pidilite Industries Ltd.
    244, Louds Road,
    Chennai-600 086.
  • M/s. Bharani Agencies,
    126, Thambhu Chetty Street,
    Third Floor,
    Chennai-600 001.
  • M/s. Golden Chemicals (P) Ltd.
    Vile Parle, Mumbai - 56.
  • M/s. Allied Resin Chemicals Ltd.
    134/1, M.G.Road,
  • M/s. Swastic Chemicals
    Industries (P) Ltd.
    Vile Parle,
    Mumbai - 56
  • M/s. Indogil Chemicals Industries,
    Ticoieon House,
    Dr. E. Moses Road,

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