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Product Code N.A.
Quality and Standards IS 3800 Batting Gloves
Production Capacity Qty. : 1,20,000 Pairs (per annum) Value: Rs. 22200000
Uploaded on April 2006


The Cricket Batting Gloves are used as safety guards by the players while playing the Cricket to save hand from any injury being caused by the cricket ball and these gloves also observes the shock caused by hitting the ball, thus also help to keep the hand in comfortable condition during the play for longer period by absorbing the perspiration, etc. Initially, Batting Gloves were manufactured of leather but due to fast changing technology, the new synthetic material has been developed which is suitable, more durable and cheaper than the leather material. The process of manufacturing the Batting Gloves is the same as for other industrial gloves. The only difference is that for the safety of fingers, pads are used made out of woolen rug or foam attached on the upper side of the gloves.

Market Potential

Due to the growing interest amongst younger generation and Govt. of India's interest to develop Cricket, some Cricket Academies in some States have come up and many more may come up. In addition, there is great demand from overseas market also. This industry can earn lot of foreign exchange by way of exporting the cricket Gloves. Due to frequent change in design, it is advised to manufacture quality synthetic Gloves.

Basis and Presumptions

The production envisaged is based on the double shift basis of 16 hours a day and 25 working days a month.

  • Five years period for achieving full capacity utilisation.
  • Labour on montly salary basis.
  • Rate of interest-12%
  • Margin Money-25%
  • Pay back period 8 to 10 years.
  • Land and building owned
  • Covered area-2500 sq. ft.

Implementation Schedule

It is anticipated that all the formalities will be completed within 6-8 months of period before starting the commercial production.

Technical Aspects

Process of Manufacture

As per graded pattern, the components are clicked manually or by clicking process

  • Pre or post printing of monogram log etc. is carried out. This depends upon the price of the product agreed upon.
  • Components are stitched together and padding is attached separately over the post bed machine.
  • Fixing of buckle and button etc.
  • Finishing i.e. excess thread/material or oily matter etc. is removed.
  • Inspection and signing of Tag with full description, etc.
  • Packing as per buyer's instruction.

Production Capacity

The unit is proposed to produce 90,000 pairs Chappals in a year.

Cricket Batting Gloves 1,20,000 Pairs (per annum)
Value Rs. 22200000
Motive Power 6 HP (approx.)

Pollution Control

This industry does not create any pollution, therefore, State Pollution Control Board's permission is not binding to start the industry.

Energy Conservation

There is no scope of energy conservation in this unit.

Financial Aspects

Fixed Capital

Land and Building
Land 200 sq. mtr @ Rs 5000/- per 1000000
Office building, Lab. Store @ 7000/mtr. 350000
Floor area construction ,factory shed, Boundary wall etc. 150 @ Rs 5000/per sqmt 750000
Total 2100000

Machinery and Equipments


Imp. Ind.


Rate (Rs.)

Value (Rs.)

Cylinder bed compound, Feed Machine (JUKI) No. MS-335) Imp. 2 90000 180000
Post bed Lock Stitching Machine (Juki No.MS-810) Imp. 2 90000 180000
Electrification and Installation charges @ 40%       144000
Tools and Equipments       25000
Cost of Furniture and Fixture       80000
Bore well water supply system & Generator set       300000
Total 909000
Pre-operative Expenses 40000
Total Fixed Capital 3049000

B. Working Capital (per month)

(i) Personnel/Technical (per month)



Salary (Rs.)

Total (Rs.)

Manager 1 15000 15000
Supervisor 2 8000 16000
Skilled Worker 10 6500 65000
Accountant/Clerk 1 6000 6000
Peon/Chowkidar 1 3000 3000
Sweeper/Helper 1 3000 3000
Total 108000
Add perquisites @ 22% on Salary 23760
Total 131760

(ii) Raw Materials 3000 Nos. Portfolio Bag.




Rate/Unit (Rs.)

Amount (Rs.)

Single Thick Cloth 0.08 Kg 190.00 15.2
PVC (fingers) 0.12 Meter 100.00 12
Sweat Band 0.50 Meter 60.00 30
PVC for quirk 0.02 Meter 90.00 1.8
Thread No.50 0.1 Reel 150.00 15
Gusset-Nylon 0.050 Kg 450.00 22.5
Velcro 2" H/L 0.40 Meter 60.00 24
Thimbla     1.20 1.20
Logo/Monogram Printing L.S.     12
Packing and forwarding       7
Total 140.7
Say 7500pair 8 140
(per month 104 x 400 x 25) 1040000

(iii) Utilities (per month)


Amount (Rs.)

Power 8000
Total 8000

(iv) Other Contingent Expenses (per month)


Amount (Rs.)

Postage and Stationery 6000
Repair and Maintenance 3000
Transportation 10000
Advertisement and publicity 20000
Insurance 5000
Consumable Stores 8000
Miscellaneous 10000
Total 62000

(v) Total Recurring Expenditure (per month)


Amount (Rs.)

Raw Materials 1040000
Staff and Labour 131760
Utilities 8000
Other contingent expenses 62000
Total 1241760

vi) Working Capital for 3 months

1241760 x 3 3725280

C. Total Capital Investment

Fixed Capital 3009000
Working capital 3725280
Total 6734280

Financial Analysis

Cost of Production (per annum)

Amount (Rs.)

Total recurring cost 14901120
Depreciation on machinery @ 10% 50400
Depreciation on tools and equipments @ 25% 6250
Depreciation on furniture and fixtures @ 25% 95000
Depreciation on Building @ 5 % 105000
Interest on Total Capital Investment @ 12% 808114
Total 15965884

Turnover (per year)

Items pairs


Rate (Rs.)/pair

Amount (Rs.)

Cricket Batting Gloves 120,000 Pairs 185 22200000
Total 22200000

Net Profit Ratio


Net Profit per year x 100
Turnover per year

  6234116 x100

Rate of Return on Total Investment


Net Profit per year x 100

Total Investment

  6234116 x100

Break-even Point

Fixed Cost


Amount (Rs.)

Depreciation on machinery @ 10% 50400
Depreciation on tools and equipments @ 25% 6250
Depreciation on furniture and fixtures @ 25% 95000
Depreciation on Building @ 5 % 105000
Interest on Total Capital Investment @ 12% 808114
40% of Salary and Wages 632448
40% of other Contingent expenses 297600
Total Fixed Cost 1994812
B.E.P Fixed cost x 100
Fixed cost + Net Profit
  1994812 x 100
  1994812 + 6234116

Addresses of Machinery and Equipment Suppliers

  • M/s. Jay Cee Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
    6, South Model Gram,
    Dutta Building,
  • M/s. J.C. Enterprises
    E-357, Greater Kailash-II,
    New Delhi.
  • M/s. Singer Sewing Machine Co.
    Anna Salai,
    Chennai-600 002.

Raw Material Suppliers

  • M/s. Global Enterprises
    Kotwali Bazar,
  • M/s. Kerala Rubber House
    Kotwali Bazar,
  • M/s. Rasulbhai Adamji and Co.
    163, Near Basoo Street,

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