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Product Code 94342
Quality and Standards IS 7402 : 1974, 1975
IS 155011 : 1968
IS 3953 : 1966
IS 3990 : 1967
IS 454 : 1971
Production Capacity: Qty. May 2007


Chemical Porcelain is a white vetrified dense translucent or glazed body, made of china clay, quartz, felspar, talc, alumina and additives in different shapes of thin walled items such as flat tipped basins, beakers, round rectangular capsules, combustion boats, crucibles, funnels dental dissolving cups, parting disks and discs, pipette vest spotting and dessicator plates, pipes, tubes etc, used in the laboratories of educational institutions, scientific development and industrial research, chemical, fertilizer, petro-chemical establishments etc. Due to their inherent properties like resistance to all reagents except hydrofluoric acid, resistance to thermal shock with low coefficient of expansion, good thermal conductivity and mechanical strength they have wide range of uses.

Market Potential

The demand of chemical porcelain items is ever increasing in view of extensive research and development besides growing industrial activities in the field of chemical, fertilizers and petrochemicals throughout the country. Therefore, there is wide scope for setting up new units.

Basis and Presumptions

Efficiency and working hrs. considered for full capacity utilization 75% efficiency 8hrs. working per day for 300 days a year
Time required for achieving full envisaged capacity utilization 3 months from the commencement of commercial production
Labour wages Skilled workers 3, 000 Semi-skilled/ unskilled 2,400
Interest rate 13%
Margin Money 25%
Pay back period of the project 5 years
Land rate Rs. 2000 per sq. mt.
Construction rate Rs. 5000 per sq. mt.

Implementation Schedule


Period(in months)

Time required for preparation of project report 1
Selection of site ½
Registration of SSI ½
Availability of finance
Construction of building 5
Machinery procurement and erection 3
Raw materials procurement 1
Recruitment of labour 1
Trial runs 10

If C.P.M. chart is drawn of the above activities, the total time taken would be about 8 months to implement the project as many activities may be completed simultaneously.

Technical Aspects

Process of Manufacture

The hard mineral powders like Quartz, Felspar etc. are ground to 200 mesh fineness and mixed with China clay, talc etc. in suitable proportions in blungers with requisite quantity of water. The slurry is passed through vibrating screen consisting of magnetic separator and stored in agitator. The slurry is then passed to filter press by diaphragm pump where it is dewatered and the body is formed into cakes. The cakes are passed through de-airing pugmill for thorough pugging and extrusion into dense homogenous plastic mass free from air bubbles. The body is then shaped into required products by pressing, casting depending upon the sizes, shapes and properties of the end product. The shaped articles are dried and biscuited at about 1000ºC. After inspection the biscuited ware are suitably glazed for firing at temperature ranging from 1280ºC to 1350ºC. After unloading from the kiln, these are sorted out, tested and packed for marketing.

Quality Control and Standards

The Bureau of Indian Standards has formulated and published the following specifications on various chemical porcelain for guidance and maintenance of the quality of the product:

IS 5009:1969 Buchner funnels
IS 7402 (Part 1):1974 Filter container
IS 7402 (Part 2):1975 Filter candles
IS 5011:1968 242130
IS 3953:1966 High temperature Ceramic combustion boats
IS 3990:1967 High temperature Ceramic combustion tubes
IS 454:1971 Perforated plates for desicators
IS 2837 (Part 1):1975 Crucibles
IS 2837 (Part 2):1977 Basins
IS 2839:1979 Methods of tests and quality.

Production Capacity

Production target (per annum)

Quantity 1200MT
Value Rs.

Motive Power 85HP.

Pollution Control and Energy Conservation

There are no toxic effluents discharged through the waste water. However, to control dust pollution at the place of dry grinding of raw materials and mixing, it is recommended to provide cyclonic dust collector, with connecting chutes and coverage. The oil fired shuttle kiln has to be provided with high stack and modern control systems for attaining high efficiency and low discharge of toxic effluents through the kiln.

Financial Aspects

A. Fixed Capital

Land and Building

Land 2500 sq. mtrs. @ Rs. 2000 sq. mts 5000000
Working shed 600 sq. mtrs. @ Rs. 5 000 sq. mtrs. (ACC) 3000000
Store, office laboratory (RCC) 200 sq. mtrs @ 7000 sq. mtr. 1400000
Total 9400000

Machinery and Equipments




Value (Rs.)

Ball mill 6'x 4 1/2' with porcelain lining, 10HP electric motor starter etc. 2 130000 260000
Ball mill 4'x 4 1/2' with porcelain lining 10HP electric motor starter etc. 2 90000 180000
Blunger with 5HP electric motor starter and accessories 2 10500 21000
Agitator size 5'L x 5' W x 5'D complete with 3 HP motor starter and accessories 2 78000 156000
Filterpress, chamber dia 300mm with 50 plates 1 250000 250000
Diaphragm pump 6" strokes 2" suction and 1 1/2 delivery with 5HP motor 1 90000 90000
Vibrating screen 2' x 1.5 size with 1HP motor starter etc. 2 25000 30000
Hydraulic press with accumulator, pipefitting, pressure gauge and accessory etc. 1 400000 400000
Toggle press Hand operated 7 50000 350000
Disintegrator, 18" size with 7.5HP motor, starter etc. 1 150000 150000
Total     1887000
Electrification and Installation charges @ 10%     188700
Total     2075700
Tools, dies and moulds etc. LS   180000
Pollution control equipment LS   150000
Office Furniture     200000
Laboratory testing equipment     200000
Total 2805700
Tunnel Kiln, oil fired, fiberlined (HTZ 128 modules) capacity 3.5 MT/day with equipments and storage tank 1600000
Total cost of machinery and equipments 4405700
Pre-operative Expenses 120000

Total Fixed Capital


Land and building 9400000
Plant and machinery 4405700
Pre-operative expenses 120000
Total 13925700

Working Capital (per month)

Personnel (per month)



Salary (Rs.)

Total (Rs.)

Manager/Ceramist 1 17000 17000
Supervisors 2 8000 16000
Accountant 1 7000 7000
Clerk-cum-typist 1 4000 4000
Skilled workers 10 3500 35000
Semi-skilled/unskilled workers 20 3000 60000
Peons 2 3000 6000
Watchman 2 3000 6000
Perquisite @ 22% 33220
Total 184220

Raw Material (per month)




Value (Rs.)

Ball Clay 20MT 1800 36000
China Clay 50MT 2000 100000
Felspar 20MT 1500 30000
Quartz 20MT 1500 30000
Zinc/Zirconium chemical 3MT 60000 180000
Packing materials LS 70000 70000
Total 446000

Utilities (per month)


Power 70HP 63000
L.D.O./ Kerosenes L.D.O./ Kerosenes 735000
Total 798000

Other Contingent Expenses (per month)


Postage and Stationery 2000
Telephone 4000
Repairs and Maintenance 10000
Transportation charge 10000
Other overhead exp. 5000
Insurance 2500
Total 33500

Total Working Capital (per month)


Staff and labour 184220
Raw Materials 446000
Utilities 798000
Other Contingent expenses 33500
Total 1461720
Working Capital (for 2 months) 2923440

Total Capital Investment

Fixed capital 18331400
Working capital 2923440
Total 21254840

Financial Analysis

Cost of Production (per year)


Total recurring cost 17540640
Depreciation on building @ 5% 470000
Depreciation on machinery and equipment @ 10% 188700
Depreciation on Kiln @ 20% 320000
Depreciation on office equipment @ 25% 50000
Depreciation tools, dies and moulds @ 20% 36000
Interest on total investment @ 13% 2763129
Total 21368469

Turnover (per year)

For calculation purposes, it is assumed that the unit shall manufacture flat toughened glass of size 5 to 6 mm. the average sale prices of which is taken at Rs.70 per sq.ft. total 3,84,000 sq.ft. (per year), after allowing rejection of 24,000 sq.ft., the saleable quantity will be 3,60,000 sq.ft., @ Rs.60/- per sq.ft.

Item (Rs.)
Chemical Porcelain ware 1200MT @ Rs. 20000 / MT 24000000


  Sales – cost of production

Profit on Sales





Rate of Return


2631531 x 100



Break-even Point

Fixed Cost


Total Depreciation 1064700
Total Interest 2763129
40% of salary 884256
40% of other Contingent expenses 148800
Insurance 30000
Total 4890885



Fixed Cost × 100

Fixed Cost + Profit

4890885 x100

4890885 + 2631531


Addresses of Machinery Suppliers

  • M/s. Lokmanya Eng. Works
    26/Bharatkhand Cotton Mill
    Compound, Narod Road,
  • M/s. Jivanlal Shiv Panchal
    Opp. Old Civil Hospital,
    Gheekanta Road, Ahmedabad
  • M/s. Modern Engg. and Fabrication Works
    Behind Kubeshwar Mahadev,
    Saijpur (Ambavadi),
    Naroda Road, Ahmedabad
  • M/s. Sharma Kiln Technology
    Kothawala Flat, Harekrishna
    Complex, Near Paldi,
    Ahmedabad - 380007

Raw Material Suppliers

  • M/s. Gujarat Minerals
    Opp. S. T. Stand, Vejalpur - 363
    721, Tal. Kalol,
    Dist. Panchmahal (Gujarat)
  • M/s. Ashok Minerals and Grinding Ind.
    F-237-238, MIA, Madri, Udaipur,
  • M/s. Sompura Mines and Mineral Suppliers
    Ravishankar Pyrnashankar
    Road, Thangadh, Bikaner,

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