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Product Code 94389, 94330 and 94341
Quality and Standards IS 11475:1985 Stoneware Dinner ware
IS 2838:1984 Stoneware containers for
general purpose
Production Capacity Qty. : 600 M.T. (per annum)
Uploaded on May 2007


Crockery ware are being manufactured in earthenware, stoneware, vitreous china and bone china. This project profile is prepared for the manufacture of tableware, which comprises crockery items and some other articles made of stoneware. Under the group of tableware cups, saucers, plates, bowls, tea sets, dinner, sets jars, barnels etc. are covered. They are impermeable to most of the liquids and water absorption is less than 0.5%. Ceramic crockery ware have their own place in the field of kitchenware due to their outstanding properties over melamine and stainless steel wares, as these are more hygienic, easily cleanable, heat resistant etc. The main uses of these items are in houses, railway, defence, canteens, restaurants, hotels etc.

Market Potential

Stoneware tableware and other items are used in houses, hotels, restaurants, tea stalls, railway canteens, defence canteens etc. The installed capacity of the industry located mostly in the Northern parts of the country is estimated around 1,40,000 M.T per annum. However, in the southern region, production of these product is less than the demand. On the national level demand of the product is greater than the supply. This product has good scope in international markets, mainly in Gulf and South African Countries. It is estimated that demand of this item is increasing steadily at the rate of 10% per annum. The demand which was subdued in the past 3-4 years due to the use of substitute items made of melamine and steel have again shifted to ceramic rockery. There is a good scope for encouraging new units in this line of activity especially in the southern part of the country.

Basis and Presumptions

    Efficiency and working hours considered for full capacity utilization:

  • 80% efficiency.
  • 8 working hours per day and 300 days in a year.
  • Wages are taken as per the prevailing norms.
  • Interest is taken @ 13% a nnum. It is expected that the project can be implemented within one-year from the project report stage.

Technical Aspects

Process of Manufacture

The raw materials like quartz, felspar, ball clay, fire clay etc. are charged in ball mill in desired proportion with 30- 40% water and ground to the fineness of 100-120 No. mesh. China clay and other plastic clays which are white burning are blunged in blunger with 30- 40% water. The slurry from ball mill and blunger is mixed and passed through fine mesh and electromagnet in order to remove the iron particles from the slurry. It is mixed properly in agitator tank from where it is passed through filter press for dewatering to make filter cakes. These cakes are fed into de-airing pug mill to extrude the compact body. While the round shaped articles are made by this body on Jigger and Jolly, other shapes are made by slip casting process. For casting,slip is made and poured into the moulds of plaster of paris. The articles are finished, glazed, and fired at the temperature of 1250- 1280ºC. Tunnel Kiln is proposed for firing in this project profile. Use of D.D Kilns and shuttle Kilns is also in practice but not economical. The articles taken out from the kiln are sorted and packed for selling.

Quality Control and Standards

The Bureau of Indian Standards has formulated and published IS 11475:1985 Stoneware Dinnerware for carrying out various tests and control of the quality of the product.

Production Capacity (per annum)

Quantity : 600 MT
Value : Rs.

Motive Power 75 H. P.

Pollution Control

For the purpose of pollution control, it is advisable to provide dust collecting system and necessary retrofitting with the kiln to reduce waste gas pollution. The unit may seek NOC from the concerned authority.

Energy Conservation

Crockery stoneware industry needs energy conservation in fuel as well as electricity. Ceramic fiber lined tunnel Kiln is proposed in the project profile which conserves around 30-35% fuel when compared with conventional DD Kiln.

Financial Aspects

A Fixed Capital

Land and Building



Land 3000 Sq. m.@ Rs. 2000 Sq.m Building 6000000
Machinery shed 300 Sq. m Rs. 7000 Sq. m 2100000
Kiln shed 150 Sq. m.@ Rs. 8000 1200000
Raw materials Materials shed 100 Sq. M.@ Rs. 7000 Sq.m 700000
Finished goods godown 100 Sq. m. @ Rs. 7000 Sq. m 700000
Office 60 Sq. m. @ Rs. 5000 Sq. m 300000
Boundary walls etc. LS @Rs.1000/m 440000
Total 11440000

Machinery and Equipments

Production Unit Description

Ind./ Imp


Price (Rs.)

Ball Mills size 1800 x 1800 mm, with all accessories and 10 HP Motor each Ind. 2 500000
Ball Mills size 900 x 900 mm, with all accessories and 7.5 HP Motor Ind. 1 90000
Screw blunger, capacity 5000 Litre with 5 HP Motor and cemented Tank Ind. 2 200000
Vibrating screen size 900 mm x 900mm With all accessories and 1 HP Motor Ind. 2 60000
Electromagnet with rectifier etc. Ind. 1 40000
Agitator with 3 HP Motor and Cemented Tank Ind. 1 70000
Diaphragm pump, storke 225 mm suction 7.5 mm with 7.5 HP Motor Ind. 1 95000
Filter press chamber dia 600 mm number of plates 50 No. Ind. 1 200000
De-airing pugmill with vacuum pump etc. with 5 HP Motor Ind. 1 350000
Disintegrator size 550 cm with all accessories and 7.5 HP Motor Ind. 1 90000
Jigger and Jolly with 5 HP Electric Motor Ind. 15 105000
Sagger Press Power operated with 5 HP Motor Ind. 1 90000
Water Pump set with 2 HP Motor Ind. 1 30000
Pot Mill, Pot No. 6 Pot size 9" x 10" with Electric Motor of 2 HP Ind. 1 30000
Total 1950000
Electrification and installation charges @ 10% on cost of machinery 195000
Testing equipments 140000
Misc. tools, Racks, Trolleys etc. 90000
Cost of office equipments 100000
Total 2475000



Ceramic fibre lined push bat tunnel Kiln with control system oil storage tank, combustion fan, hydraulic pusher and other equipments Specifications 3500000
Length 24000 mm
Setting width 900 mm
No. of Burners 4 Nos.
Power required for auxiliary equipment 10 HP
Capacity 2 MT per day (Crockery ware)

Pre-operative Expenses 300000
Total fixed capital (i+ii+iii+Kiln) 17715000

Working Capital (Per Month)

Personnel (per month)





Manager-cum-ceramist 1 16000 16000
Supervisors 2 8000 16000
Skilled workers 15 6000 90000
Semi-skilled workers 15 5000 75000
Fitter 1 6000 6000
Electrician 1 5000 5000
Accountant 1 7000 7000
Clerk-cum-Typists 2 5000 10000
Peon 1 3000 3000
Watchman 2 3000 6000
Total 234000
Perquisites @ 22% of total Salary 51480
Total 285480

Raw Materials (per month)


Ind/ Imp


Rate (Rs.)

Value (Rs. lakhs)

High Alumina calcined Ind. 13 MT 1500/MT 19500
Felspar Ind. 10 MT 1500/MT 15000
China clay Ind. 10 MT 3000/MT 30000
Ball Clay Ind. 5 MT 1800/MT 9000
Fire Clay Ind. 20 MT 2000/MT 40000
Marble/Calcite Ind. 750Kg 2000/MT 1500000
Zinc Oxide Ind. 50/Kg. 65/Kg. 3250
Zirconium opacifier Ind. 250 Kg. 60/Kg. 15000
Barium Carbonate Ind. 75 Kg. 40/Kg. 3000
Colouring agents Ind. L.S.   10000
Plaster Paris Ind. 2MT 2200 MT 4400
L.D.O (Fuel) Ind. 10KL 35000/k litre 350000
Kiln furniture Ind. L.S.   60000
Packing materials Ind. L.S.   10000
Total 2069150

Utilities (per month)


Value (Rs.)

Power charges 62 kW. 55800

Other Contingent Expenses (per month)



Postage and Stationery 2000
Telephone 4000
Consumables stores 10000
Repair and Maintenance 5000
Transportation charges 10000
Advertisement and Publicity 5000
Insurance etc. 5000
Misc. expenses 10000
Total 51000

Total Recurring Expenditure (per month)



Personnel (wages) 285480
Raw materials 2069150
Utilities 55800
Other Contingent expenses 51000
Total (L.S.) 2461430

Total Working Capital for 2 months 4922860

Total Capital Investment



Fixed 17715000
Total working capital 4922860
Total 22637860

Machinery Utilization (on the basis of 24 hours working)



Ball Mills 100%
Screw blunger 100%
Filter press 80%
Jigger Jolly 80%
Tunnel Kiln 80%

Financial Analysis

Cost of Production (per annum)


Value (Rs. lakhs)

Total recurring expenditure 29537160
Depreciation on building @ 5% 5720000
Depreciation on machinery and Equipments @ 10% 247500
Depreciation on kiln @ 20% 700000
Interest on total capital investment @ 13% 2942922
Total 39147582

Turn-over (per year)



Rate (Rs.)

Value (Rs.)

Stoneware Crockery items 600MT 70000 MT 42000000
Deducted 5% towards rejection     2100000
Total     39900000

Net Profit (per year)

    Rs. 39900000 – 39147582

Net Profit Ratio


Net profit per year × 100

Turnover per year


752418x 100



Rate of Return


Net profit per year × 100

Total Investment


752418 x 100



Break-even Point

Fixed Cost


Depreciation on Building and equipment and Kill 6667500
Interest on total investment 2942922
40% of other contingent expenses 220800
40% of salary and wages 1370304
Insurance 60000
Total 11261526

Addresses of Machinery Suppliers

  • M/s. Amic Industries Pvt. Ltd.
    80-D, Dr.Suresh Sircar Road,
  • M/s. Modern Engg. and Fabricating Works
    Behind Kubeshwar Mahadev,
    Saijpur (Ambavadi), Naroda Road,
  • M/s. Lokmanya Engg. Works
    20, Bharat Khand Cotton Mills
    Compound, Naroda Road,
  • M/s Keshab Machineries Pvt. Ltd.
    Bose Park, P.O. Sukeher,
    24, Parganas Dt.,
    West Bengal
  • M/s. Hindustan Company
    123/7, Gopallal Tagore Road,
    Bon Hoogly,
  • M/s. D.K Engg. Works,
    8, Panchanathala New Road,
    Balgharia, Kolkata -700056.

  • Tunnel Kiln/Khuttle Kiln Suppliers

  • M/s. Bengal Lion (Industrial Furnace) Ltd.
    27-B Camac Street, Kolkata
  • M/s. Teksago-Bhagat Carakiln Pvt. Ltd.
    D-828, New Friends Colony,
    New Delhi-110005.
  • M/s. Sharma Kiln Technology Pvt. Ltd.
    206, Hare Krishna Complex,
    Opp. Kothawala Flat,
    Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.
  • M/s. N.M Ceramic Kiln.
    Post Box No. 30, B-8 Ram
    Balram Apartment,
    Kalol- 382721 (Gujarat)
  • M/s. Neptune Group Companies
    252, GIDC Ind. Estate,
    Phase II, Modhera Road, Dediasan,

  • Raw Material Suppliers

  • M/s. Golachar pallwad and Co.
    Opp. Railway Station, Gandhi Nagar,
    Ajmer Road, Beawar, (Rajasthan)
  • M/s. Jotya Prakash Mining Works
    4, Gupta Gali Beawar,
  • M/s. Satya Prakash Minining Works.
    2, Gupta Gali, Beawar 305901
  • M/s. Ashwain and Co.
    Arsodia, Taluka-Idar,
    Pin 383430.
  • M/s. Hindustan China Clay Works
    Papinacheri, (Kerala)
  • M/s. Tahala Ram and Sons
    Rathkhan,v Bikaner (Rajasthan)
  • M/s. Multani Minerals
    Statopm Road,
    Thangadh (Gujarat)
  • M/s. Ceramills Glaze and Ziroonium Co.
    Daultabad Road, Gurgaon, (Haryana)
  • M/s. Hemvathi Nandan Nitrates (P) Ltd.
    61-A, Industrial Development
    Area, Chemical Zone,
    Phase II, Mallapur, Nacharam,
    Hyderabad (A.P.)
  • M/s.Shahzips (P) Ltd.
    55, Industrial Estates,
    Nunhai, Agra.
  • M/s. Ferro Coatings and Colours Ltd.
    Post Koka, 24 Parganas,
    Kolkata (W.B).
  • M/s. Rajasthan Plasters and Industries
    Out side Coga Gate,
    Bikaner (Rajasthan)
  • M/s. Snow-White Industries
    40, Manendra Nagar, Rishikesh,
    Dehra Dun (Uttaranchal)

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