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Product Code 94389
Quality and Standards IS 5786 (Part I):1978
Uploaded on May 2007


Ceramic cores for resistors are specialized ceramic material made out of steatite porcelain. These cores are in the form of rods and tubes of various diameters and length. It is manufactured by using highly pure raw materials like calcined alumina with addition of small quantity of pure clay. These are used in consumer electronic products such as radios, televisions and sophisticated electronic instruments.

Market Potential

The demand of the product is increasing day-by-day as development of electronic industry is showing upward trend. Our country has a very big concentration of electronic industries. In view of the fast development in the industrial activity in the field of electronics, the demand for the technical ceramics is ever increasing and creating wide scope for setting up new units.

Basis and Presumptions

  • It has been taken into consideration that the unit will work on single shift basis for 300 days in a year. The firing operations are, however, to be carried out continuously on three shifts basis till particular firing cycle is completed in all respects.
  • To achieve full production 1 to 2 months trial production is required.
  • Labor and wages are mentioned as per the prescribed Minimum Wages Act.
  • Interest rate 13% on total capital investment.
  • The cost of land, construction charges, cost of machinery and equipment, raw materials, and consumables, other expenditure etc. indicated in the profile are based on the prices prevailing at the time of preparation and are subject to necessary changes from time to time based on local conditions.

Implementation Schedule


Period (in months)

Registration as SSI, site selection, processing for financial assistance. 6
Procurement of machinery, their installation and trial run. 6
Time required for commercial operation of the plant 6
Total 18

Technical Aspects

Process of Manufacture

China clay, talc and barium carbonate are the main raw materials required for the manufacture. All the raw materials in powdered form (150 to 200 mesh) are taken in proportion and charged into the ball mill. Wet grinding is carried out by adding sufficient quantity of water. The main objective of ball mill is to get a homogeneous mixture. The ground material is discharged into an agitator through an electromagnet and sieve. The slurry is then sent to the filter press where filter cakes with 18-20% water content are obtained. Filter cakes are charged into de-airing pugmill and cores are extruded by fixing the desired die. The shaped cores are dried and fired in an electric or muffle furnace at a temperature of 1300ºC after which the cores are trimmed and packed for dispatch.

Quality Control and Standards

IS 5798 (Part I) General requirements and methods of test.

Production Capacity

This scheme envisages manufacture of 600 MT of ceramic cores per annum of various diameters.

Pollution Control

The project does not create any noise or water pollution. The latest shuttle is more fuel efficient. The smoke emission will have to be continuously monitored as per rule.

Financial Aspects

A Fixed Capital

Land and Building



Land 1000 sq. meter @Rs 4000 sq. meter 4000000
Building : Built-up area workshed 400 sq. meters. @ Rs. 6000 sq. mtrs. 2400000
Storage shed 100 sq. mtrs. @ Rs. 7000 sq. mtrs. 700000
Office, Laboratory and chowkidar's cabin 200 sq. mtrs. @ Rs. 7000 sq. mtrs. 1400000
Total 8500000

Machinery and Equipments


Rate (Rs.)


Total price (Rs.)

Ball mill size 1350 x1200 mm with porcelain lining, pabbles 10 HP motor, starter and accessories 130000 3 390000
Vibrating screen 10"×18"with 0.5 25000 2 50000
HP motor, starter and accessories Electromagnet/ permanent magnetic separator 10000 3 30000
Agitator capacity 1000 ltrs. with 3 HP electric motor and accessories 60000 2 120000
Diaphram pump with 5 HP motor and accessories 90000 1 90000
Filter press, Plates 500 95000 2 190000
De-airing extruder, suitable for drawing rods/tubes of sizes 1mm to 25mm dia cap.50 kgs./hr. 160000 2 320000
Drying oven size 1800x1200x900mm with exhaust fan temp, controlling etc. 200000 1 200000
Centreless grinder, capable of trimming rods of 1 mm to 25mm with motor, starter and accessories 100000 3 300000
Weighing scale, platform type cap. 500 kgs. 22000 2 44000
Laboratory equipment for testing of water absorption, shrinkage and other tests   L.S. 120000
Total 1854000
Dies for various rods, tubes hand tools and other misc. equipments   L.S. 70000
Office equipment and furniture   L.S. 100000
Electrification and Installation   L.S. 150000
Shuttle kiln with L.D.O. as fuel blower, burner and other accessories etc.   L.S. 1300000
Total 1620000
Pre-operative expenses   L.S. 130000
Total 3604000

Working Capital (Per Month)

Salary and Wages (per month)





Works Manager 1 17000 17000
Technical supervisor 2 9000 18000
Accountant/cashier 1 7000 14000
Operator 6 5000 30000
Semi-skilled workers 8 5000 40000
Un-skilled workers 5 2,000 15000
Watchman/Peon 2 3000 6000
Total 140000
Perquisites@ 22% 30800
Total 170800

Raw Materials (per month)


(Qty. (MT)

Rate (Rs./MT)

Value (Rs. lakhs)

High Alumina calcined 10MT 6000 60000
China clay 29MT 3000 87000
Ball clay 3MT 1800 5400
Calcite 3MT 2000 6000
Steatite 9MT 2000 18000
Binders, packing materials L.S.   4000
Total 180400

Utilities (per month)


Value (Rs.)

Average consumption of 10,000 units/months @Rs. 5 / units 50000
L.D.O. 10,000 ltrs. @Rs. 35 ltrs L.S. 350000
Total 400000

Other Contingent Expenses (per month)



Postage and Stationery 2000
Telephone 4000
Consumables stores 10000
Repair and Maintenance 10000
Transportation charges 5000
Advertisement and Publicity 10000
Sales expenses 10000
Insurance 2500
Total 53500

Total Recurring Expenditure (per month)



Salaries 170800
Raw materials 180400
Utilities 400000
Other Contingent expenses 53500
Total 804700
Total Working Capital (on 2 months basis) 1609400

Machinery Utilization

The firing is the bottleneck in this industry. The capacity utilization is considered to be 75% of the total installed capacity.

Total Capital Investment



Total fixed capital 12104000
Total working capital 1609400
Total 13713400

Financial Analysis

Cost of Production (per annum)


Value (Rs. lakhs)

Total recurring cost 9656400
Depreciation on building @ 5% 425000
Depreciation on machinery and equipment @ 10% 185400
Depreciation on furnace @ 20% 260000
Depreciation on moulds and fixtures @ 20% 14000
Depreciation on office equipment@25% 25000
Total interest @ 13% on Total capital Investment 1782742
Total 12348542

Turn-over (per year)

Particular items


Rate (Rs.)

Value (Rs.)

Technical ceramics (resistor corer) 600MT 24000/MT 14400000

Net Profit (per year)

    Turnover – cost of production

Rs. 14400000– 12213682


Net Profit Ratio


Net profit per year × 100

Turnover per year


2051458 x 100



Rate of Return


Net profit per year × 100

Total Investment


2051458 x 100



Break-even Point

Fixed Cost


Total Depreciation 909400
Total Interest 1782742
40% of salary and wages 816000
40% of other Contingent expenses (excluding insurance) 244800
Insurance 30000
Total 3782942


Fixed Cost × 100

Fixed Cost + Net Profit


3782942 x 100

3782942 + 2051458



Addresses of Machinery Suppliers

  • M/s. Lokmanya Engg. Works
    26, Bharatkhand Cotton Mill
    Compound, Naroda Road,
  • M/s. Jivanlal Shiv Panchal
    Opp. Old Civil Hospital,
    Gheekanta Road,
  • M/s. Modern Engg. and
    Fabrication Worksv Behind Kubeshwar Mahadev,
    Saijpur (Ambravadi),
  • M/s. Bombay Furnace (P) Ltd.
    5, Sodium House,
    Veer Nariman Road,
    Mumbai-400 020.
  • M/s. Associated Industrial
    Furnace Pvt. Ltd.
    F-19, Sector XI,
    NOIDA, Ghaziabad (U.P.)
  • M/s. Electrotherma Furnace (P) Ltd.
    32, B-II Phase,
    Pooja Industrial Area,
  • M/s. Sharma Kiln Technology
    Kothmala Flat, Harekrishna
    Complex, Near Paldi,
    Ahmedabad-380 007.

  • Raw Material Suppliers

  • M/s. Colkem India Ltd.
    Noble House, Swaroop Nagar,
  • M/s. Gujarat Minerals
    Opp. S.T. Stand,
    Vejalpur-363 721, Taluka Kalol,
    Distt. Panchmahal, (Gujarat)
  • M/s. Ashok Minerals and Grinding Ind.
    F-237-238, MIA, Modri,
    Udaipur, (Rajasthan)
  • M/s. Sonpura Mines and Mineral Suppliers
    Ravi Sarkar Pranshankar Road,
    Thangadh-363 530
  • M/s. Tehla Ram and Sons
    Rathkhana, Bikaner,

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