Acid Slurry (ALKYL Benzene Sulphonate)

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Product Code 314805001
Quality and Standards IS 8401:1987
Production Capacity: Qty. 300 MT (per annum)
Value Rs. 33000000
Uploaded on 13th December 2006


Synthetic detergents had developed in the beginning of 20th century and started making inroads into the area earlier served by washing compounds i.e. soaps made traditionally from oils/ fats and caustic soda. Since soaps have comparatively lesser washing characteristics in hard water than synthetic detergents, synthetic washing compounds have been able to occupy a significant market which was enjoyed by washing soaps earlier. The term detergents which originated from the Latin word detergine (i.e. to wipe off), is now a days applied to all synthetic washing compounds. Synthetic detergents are not only used as cleaning materials but also have industrial applications in textiles, pesticide industry as carriers, etc.

Market Potential

Marketing is an important area of management in an industrial enterprise. It is a comprehensive term and includes all resources and economic activities necessary to direct the flow of manufactured goods from producers to consumers. The old concept of marketing was product-oriented where as the new concept is customer oriented. Customers are the champions whose needs, tastes, purchasing power, etc. are the guiding factors for the sale of products.

Synthetic detergents, being a mass consumption item have shown a dramatic growth since its inception in 1957. Presently, detergents are available to the consumers in the form of powders and cakes/bars. Bulk of the production of these items is done in the small scale sector.

The present strategy employed for introducing a detergent in the market covers

  • Appointment of distributors in various regions
  • Selection of whole sellers/ retailers/agents in the various cities/towns
  • Publicizing through the advertisements, press media like radio, television, cinema etc.
  • Introduction of sales promotion scheme etc.

Basis and Presumptions

The profile is drawn on the basis of the following presumptions

Working hours/shift 8 hours
No. of shift/day 2
Working days 300
Total no. of working hours 4800
Working efficiency 70%
Time period for achieving max. cap. Utilisation 3rd year from the date on which production will be started.
Labour charges as per minimum wages act of State Govt.
Margin money 25% of capital investment
Rate of Interest on fixed and working Capital 14%
Operative period of the project 10 years

Value of machinery and equipment is estimated on the basis of the prevailing costs in the market.

Implementation Schedule

Project implementation will take a period of 8 months from the date of the approval of the scheme. Break-up of activities with relative time for activity is shown below

Nature of Activity

Period in Month (Estimated)

Scheme preparation and approval 0-1
SSI provisional registration 1-2
Sanction of loan 2-5
Clearance from pollution control board 3-4
Placement of order of delivery of m/c 4-5
Installation of m/c 6
Power connection 6-7
Trial run 7-8
Commencement of production. 9 onwards

Technical Aspects

Process of Manufacture Acid Slurry

Acid slurry or alkyl benzene sulphonate is prepared by sulphonation of Linear Slkyl Benzene (LAB) with a suitable sulphonating agent.

Sulphonation can be done by the following processes

  • Batch sulphonation with either diluted SO2 gas or concentrated sulphuric acid or a mixture of 20% oleum and 98% sulphuric acid or oleum alone.
  • Continuous sulphonation with 20% oleum.
  • Continuous sulphonation with SO3 (sulphor trioxide gas may be derived either from liquid So3 or from 65% oleum or from burning sulphur and converting SO2 to SO3 ).

Raw material consumption per tonne of 85-88% acid slurry is given below

  • Linear alkyl benzene 700-750 Kg.
  • Sulphonating agent 20% oleum- 800- 900 Kg. 98% sulphuric acid - 1100–1200 Kg.

Quality Control and Standards

As bulk of the detergent formulations consist mainly of acid slurry, soda ash, sodium tripoly phosphate, etc. to start with, it would be sufficient if testing facilities are installed for determining the purity of these ingredients. So far as finished formulation are concerned a list of the tests as prescribed in the respective standards of the BIS are given below

Acid Slurry (IS 8401:1987)

  • Determination of alkyl benzene sulphonic acid
  • Free alkyl benzene content
  • Free sulphuric acid
  • Colour

Production Capacity

Acid slurry - ½ MT per day/shift or 150 TPA.

Financial Aspects

Fixed Capital

(i) Capital Requirements


Amount (Rs.)

Land and building Land 2000 sq.m. 600000
Factory shed including laboratory/water arrangements Boundry wall, gates, store, godown etc. 1000 sq mtr 5000/- sqmtr 5000000
Total 5600000

(ii) Plant and Machinery for Acid Slurry


Amount (Rs.)

Sulphonator: Stainless steel verticle and cylindrical vessel fitted within agitator with MS jacket and complete with motor, Cap 1 m3 800000
Chilling plant 500000
Settling tank- MS vertical dished bottom, Lead line with agitator and motor Cap 3.5m3 600000
LAB feed tank: vertical cylindrical tank, MS Cap 1.0 m3 100000
Oleum/Acid slurry feed tank vertical cylindrical Tank Cap 2.5m3 200000
LAB main storage tank horizontal cylindrical Tank Cap 12m3 1000000
Oleum/acid storage tank ms-horizontal Cylindrical tank cap 5m3 1000000
Pumps with motor 500000
Misc. equipment including valvers pipelines, exhaust, weighing machines etc. and laboratory Equipment. 2000000
Finished product stocks 1000000
Furniture/fixtures 300000
Installation/electrification 600000
Total 8600000
Fixed Capital
Rs. 5600000 + Rs. 8600000 = Recurring Expenditure/Month Rs. 14200000

(iii) Raw Material/Month (for Acid Slurry 25 MT)


Amount (Rs.)

Linear alkyl benzene 18MT @ Rs. 80,000 PMT 1440000
Sulphuric acid 98% and oleum 28 MT @ Rs. 12000 PMT 336000
Total 1776000

B. Working Capital

(i) Salary/Wages (per month)


Amount (Rs.)

Manager/Chemist-1 15000
Plant operator- 4 30000
Unskilled workers- 4 50000
Salary/Wages (per month) (Rs.)
Clerk/typist-1 5000
Watchman/peon-3 12000
Total 112000
Perquisites 22% 24640
Total 136640

(ii) Other Expenditure (per month)


Amount (Rs.)

Transport 10000
Postage/stationery 3000
Insurance 10000
Repair maintenance 15000
Packing 7000
Miscellaneous expenses 15000
Total 60000

(iii) Utilities


Amount (Rs.)

Power/Water 30000
Total Recurring Expenditure (per month) Rs. 1776000+136640+60000+30000 2002640
Say 2003000

C. Total Capital Investment

Fixed Capital 14200000
Working capital for 3 months 4209000
Total 18409000

Financial Analysis

Cost of Production (per year)


Total recurring expenditure 24036000
Depreciation on building @ 5% 28000
Depreciation on furniture @ 20% 60000
Depreciation on plant and machinery @ 10% 83000
Interest on total capital investment @ 12% 2221080
Total 26428080
or Say 26428100

Turnover (per year)



Rate (RS).

Value (Rs.)

Acid slurry 300MT 110000/MT 33000000

Net Profit (per year)


Cost of Production


33000000 26428100 6571900

Net Profit Ratio

Rate of Profit on Sales  

Net profit per year × 100


Rate of Return  

6571900 x 100



Rate of Return

Rate of Profit on Sales  

Net profit × 100

Total investment

Rate of Return  

6571900 x 100



Break-even Point (% of Total Production Envisaged)

Fixed Cost


Depreciation on machinery and equipment 83000
Depreciation on office equipment 60000
Depreciation on building 28000
Interest on total capital investment @ 12% 2221080
Insurance 120000
40% of salary and wages 655872
40% of other contingent expenses 298000
Total 3465952
or say 3466000
Net Profit (per year)  

B.E.P. = F.C. x 100

F.C. + Profit


3465000 x 100

3465000 + 6571900


3465000 x 100




Addresses of Machinery and Equipment Suppliers

  • M/s. Mazzindia (P) Ltd.
    C/o. K.S.Krishanan and Associates,
    15,Community Centre,
    East of Kailash,
    New Delhi-110024
  • M/s. Pioneer Engg. Co.
    57, Bombay Samachar Marg,
    Fort, Mumbai-23
  • M/s. Precision Machanist
    36 (D) Kandivli Indl. Estate,
    Kandivli (W),
  • M/s. Sethi Engg. Works
    31-A G.T. Road, Indl. Area,
  • M/s. Mechanico Engineers
    15, Okhla Indl. Area,
    New Delhi-110020
  • M/s .Precision Tanks and Vessels (Pvt.) Ltd.
    1311, Padma Towers,
    Rajendra Place,
    New Delhi-110008
  • M/s. Dolphen Engg. Enterprises
    4311, GIDC Estate,
    Ankleshwar- 393002
    Dt. Bharuch, Gujarat

Addresses of Raw Material Suppliers

  • M/s. Indian Petrochemicals Corpn. Ltd.
    P.O. Petrochemicals,
    Distt. Vadodara
    Gujarat - 391346
  • M/s. Tamilnadu Petro Products Ltd.
    Manali, Tamilnadu
  • M/s. Reliance Industries Ltd.
  • M/s. Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Limited
    317/21, Dr. D. N. Road,
    Fort, Mumbai-1.

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