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Product Code 36401
Quality and Standards There is no laid down specification of BIS for this product. It is produced as per customer's specification.
Production Capacity
  • Chlorinated Heavy Normal Paraffin-1000 MT/Year
  • Hydrochloric Acid-1200 MT/Year
Uploaded on January 2008


Chlorinated Heavy Normal paraffin is a replacement of chlorinated paraffin wax. The method of manufacturing of both the products is the same and so is the end-use. Apart from above the best part of Chlorinated Heavy Normal Paraffin is that in this product maximum Chlorination which can be achieved is 70% while in chlorinated paraffin wax it is 60%. It is used as secondary plasticiser for Polyvinyl Chloride resins, plasticiser extender in synthetic rubber, Nitrocellulose, polystyrene etc. It is also used for impregnating textile and fabrics of all kinds as a flame retardant. It also finds application in paint industry for manufacturing of fire proof paints. It is widely used in foundry industry.

Market Potential

Chlorinated Heavy Normal Paraffin is mainly used in PVC industry as plasticiser, extreme pressure lubricant, additive in metal working industry and as fire retardant Chlorinated heavy normal Paraffin is a chemically inert plasticiser and in paint formulation where hard resins are used to make film more flexible that eliminates film embitterment. In plastics it is used as a secondary plasticiser because of high fire retarding efficiency, Good heat light stability, high resin compatibility, and lack of odour and low toxicity.

It is also widely used as lubricant in metal working industry to provide both extreme pressure activity and as a boundary lubricant.

It is also used as flame retardant in fabrics and paints industry. Presently 30-35 Small Scale Units in the country manufacture it and the total annual production is around 70,000 MT. The demand of the product is growing continuously at the rate of 6-7% per year.

Basis and Presumptions

  • The unit will work on three-shift basis.
  • The unit will achieve its full production in three year.
  • Twelve persons are required to operate the plant.
  • Workers salaries are considered as per Government norms.
  • Interest rate on capital investment is calculated on 14% basis.
  • Margin Money is 25%.
  • The technology will continue for another 10 years.
  • Depreciation on plant and machinery is considered @ 15%

Implementation Schedule

To implement the project a minimum one year period is required. First three months are required to get various approvals from Government Authorities and in preparation of project report and in placing order for the equipments and in erection of the unit 10 months are required. The remaining two months are required for trials and commissioning of the units.

Technical Aspects

Process of Manufacture

Chlorinated heavy Normal Paraffin is produced by passing chlorine in heavy normal Paraffin at specific temperature. The Hydrogen chloride gas evolved during reaction is absorbed in Hydrochloric acid absorption column to produce 32% Hydrochloric acid. The unabsorbed gas from HCL absorption column is then passed through packed high density Polythene absorption column where milk of lime solution is circulated. All unabsorbed gases are absorbed here. The total time required for 70% chlorination is around 26-28 hours. After achieving desired chlorination compressed air passed through the chlorinated mass to remove trapped HCL and chlorine gas from the product. Finally 1-2 to 1.5% epoxidised soyabean oil is added as stabilizer before packing the product.

Pollution Control

In this industry no liquid effluent is generated, but to take care of floor washing and various washing a small effluent treatment plant consisting of neutralizer and sand filter is required in chlorinated heavy Normal Paraffin industry HCL gas absorption column to produce hydrochloric acid to avoid even small amount of HCL gas comes out from the absorption column to avoid any pollution, packed HDPE absorption column is kept and milk of lime solution is circulated. It takes care of unabsorbed HCL gas and produces calcium chloride, which is after concentration marketed as one of the by-products.

Financial Aspects

Fixed Capital

(i) Land and Building



Land 500 Sq.m. 4000 1400000
Factory shed 200 Sq.m. 5000 1000000
Admn. Block 50 Sq.m. 7000 350000
Total 2750000

(ii) Plant and Machinery



Rate (Rs.)

Amount (Rs.)

M.S. lead Bonded reactor Capacity 4 M.T. 1 420000 420000
HCL gas absorption column 9 ft. standard 1 260000 260000
HDPE packed absorption Column 1 130000 130000
Milk of Lime storage tank HDPE-3000 Lts. 1 30000 30000
Heavy Normal Paraffin storage tank 20 KL 1 200000 200000
Chlorinated HNP aeration tank cap. 6000 lits. MS/FRP 1 140000 140000
M.S H.N-Heating tank with heating element 4KL 1 70000 70000
Chlorinated HNP storage tank 20 KL FRP. 1 140000 140000
Hydrochloric acid storage tank-30 KL FRP 1 20000 20000
Rota meter 2 15000 30000
Cooling Tower 100 T.R   160000 160000
DG-Set 1 100000 100000
Chlorine Storage yard with chain pulling arrangement 1 130000 130000
S.S concentration vessel cap 7000 ltr. 1 130000 130000
Firebrick lined furnace for dehydrating calcium chloride. 1 60000 60000
Pipe Line and value 1 70000 70000
Air Compressor with 7.5 H.P Motor   50000 50000
Electricity, erection and commissioning   120000 120000
Effluent Treatment Plant   100000 100000
Total     2360000

(iii) Fixed Capital Investment



Land & Building 2750000
Plant & Machinery 2360000
Total 5110000

(iv) Raw Material (per month)



Rate (Rs.)

Amount (Rs.)

Heavy Normal Paraffin 38 M.T 37000 1406000
Chlorine 133 M.T 18000 2394000
Lime 2 M.T. 5000 10000
Stabilizer 1.2 M.T. 100000 120000
Total   Total 3930000

(v) Utilities (per month)



Electricity 70000
Water 2000
Total 72000

(vi) Staff and Labour (per month)



Rate (Rs.)

Amount (Rs.)

Manager 1 15000 15000
Chemist 1 10000 10000
Skilled workers 4 4500 18000
Unskilled workers 4 3000 12000
Clerk-cum-Accountant 1 5000 5000
Sales officer 1 10000 10000
Watchman 2 3000 6000
Total     76000
Perks @ 22%     16720
Total   100000 92720

(vii) Other Contingent Expenses (per month)



Postage and Stationery 5000
Transport 20000
Telephone 6000
Maintenance 12000
Insurance 5000
Miscellaneous expenses Including packing 15000
Total 63000

Working Capital (per month)

Raw material 3930000
Utility 72000
Staff and labour 92720
Other expenses 63000
Total 4157720

Working Capital for 2 Months 8315440

Total Capital Investment

Fixed capital 5110000
Working capital 8315440
Total 13425440

(i) Cost of Production



Total recurring cost 49892640
Depreciation on plant and machinery @15% 354000
Depreciation on building @ 5% 67500
Interest on total capital investment @14% 1879562
Total 52193702

(ii) Total Sales



Chlorinated heavy normal paraffin 1000MT @ Rs. 56000/ MT 56000000
Hydrochloric Acid 1200 MT @ Rs. 1250/MT 1500000
Total 57500000

(iii) Profit (per annum)



Total sales 57500000
Cost of production 52193702
Total Profit 1-2 5306298

Profit on Sale






= 9.23

Profit on Total Capital Investment






= 39.52

Break-even Point



Depreciation on Plant and machinery 354000
Interest on total capital investment 1879562
Depreciation on building 67500
40% of the salary and wages 445056
40% of other expenditure 302400
Fixed Cost 3048518

Fixed cost × 100

Fixed cost + profit




= 36.49

Addresses of Raw Material Suppliers

  • M/s. Indian Petrochemicals Ltd.
    Nandesari, Vadodara,
  • M/s. Ruchi Finance Ltd.
    Reliance Distributor,
    505, Dalmal House,
    Nariman Point,
  • M/s. Hukamchand Jute Mill
    Amlai, Distt. Shahadol,
  • M/s. Grasim
    Gram Nagala Nagda,
    Distt. Ujjain,
  • M/s. Shri Ram Food and Fertilizer Inds.
    (C.M.D Division),
    Shivaji Marg,
    Post Box No. 6219,
    New Delhi.

Addresses of Plant and Machinery Suppliers

  • M/s. Techno Chem. Engineers
    69, Industrial Area Ratlam,
    M. P.
  • M/s. Chem Metal Engineering Iraniwadi
    4th Road,
    Opp. Sardar Compound,
    Beside Dr. Bhadesh Shah,
    Kandivli (W),
  • M/s. Garg Lab Glass Industries
    19, Anand Bhawan,
    2nd Floor, 27,
    Babu Genu Road,
    Princess Street,
  • M/s. Keystone Air System
    B/4, Shastri Stadium,

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