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Product Code 35221
Quality and Standards Standard Anti-Corrosive Paints
Production Capacity: Qty. Qty. : 200 M.T. (per year)
Uploaded on December 2006


Corrosion is a natural phenomenon. Due to various types of pollution, corroding factors are on the increase. Hence corrosion prevention is of prime importance in day-to-day activities. One of the natural products with versatile utility in prevention of corrosion in CNSL (Cashew Nut Shell Liquid). This oil is available in plenty from cashew industry as a by-product. CNSL is treated and polymerized to give resins which will act as good coating materials. These resins are used in anti-corrosive protective coatings.

The most important use is in painting marine vessels and finishing boats. These paints are used in chemical plants for protecting the machinery from corrosion. It is also used in structural application, where more exposure to heat and sun-light is there.

Market Potential

There is good market potential for these type of primers in the country; more so in the coastal states where finishing boats and vessels are in plenty. As Chemical industry is expanding rapidly, the concept of giving protection to chemical plants is also on the increase. As more and more stress is laid on preventive maintenance, increasing use of anti-corrosive paints is anticipated.

Basis and Presumptions


  • The production capacity is on single shift of 16 hours per day and 25 working days per month basis with 75% capacity utilization.
  • The cost of Plant and Machinery, Raw-materials, selling price of finished products etc. are the price collected at the time of preparation of project profile and may vary depending upon location, makers, market and other various reasons.
  • The labour wages has been taken on the basis of the minimum wages Act of the State Government.
  • Interest rate of 12% on fixed capital and 12% on working capital.
  • Margin money taken @ 25% of project cost.

Implementation Schedule

One year  
Project report preparation, registration, local application, etc. -2 months.
Placing of order for machinery and equipments, delivery, erection, etc. -6 months.
Electrification, procurement of raw-materials, trial production -3 months.
Commercial production -1 month.

Technical Aspects

Process of Manufacture

The paint manufacture consists of the following basic procedures

  • Mixing the pigment with sufficient vehicle (Resin Solution) to make paste which has the correct consistency for grinding.
  • Grinding the paste in a mill until the aggregates are broken down as indicated by the 'fineness of grind' test.
  • Letting down the ground paste with the remainder materials in the formula.
  • Tinting the batch to the required colour.
  • Testing to determine physical properties and performance requirements.
  • Straining, filling and packing.

In some cases, mixing and grinding are done in the same equipment. The term grinding is commonly used but the actual term is dispersion. Actually, grinding means reduction in size of the ultimate particles of pigment which does not occur in the large majority of cases. The purpose of grinding is to break down the aggregates and to disperse the ultimate particles in the vehicle. The work required for dispersion is performed by the mill or dispersing equipment, and it may be facilitated by addition of grinding aids. The degree of dispersion in a batch of paste being ground usually is determined with a hegman grind gauge.

The gauge reading at this location is taken as a measure of the degree of dispersion of the pigment. The dispersion reading for enamel paint should be at least 7 on hegman gauge whereas a flat paint may be in the range of 4 to 6 hegman gauge.

The dispersion force or action is different in the various types of equipment. In some cases, it is chiefly a shearing action in the others, it is attrition of pigment aggregates against one another, and impact or crushing occurs to a limited extent. The most common action is shearing which is a lateral motion such as cutting or tearing.

High molecular weight is necessary for high viscosity and strong back, but large molecules do not wet the particles or penetrate the aggregate as efficiently as small molecules. For this reason volatile solvents appear to wet pigments quite readily. However, a good dispersion in a solvent may flocculate when the vehicle is added in the let down stage, therefore, enough resin is used in a solvent dispersion to coat the pigment particles and prevent flocculation.

Production Capacity (per annum) Standard Anti-Corrosive Paints


  • Capacity - Quantity 200 MTs
  • Value Rs. 2,28,00,000

Financial Aspects

Fixed Capital

(i) Land and Building

Land 500 sq. mts. 1500000
Built-up area: office, store etc.500 sq. ft. 1000000
Factory shed 2000 sq. ft. 2000000
Total 4500000

(ii) Machinery and Equipments


Value (Rs.)

Mild steel ball mill-500 Ltrs.cap. with 10 HP motor-1 No. 500000
Planetary mixer 200 Ltrs with 5 HP motor 200000
Triple roll mill-1 No. 6" × 12" 400000
Paint storage tank 1000 ltrs. 6 Nos. 300000
Platform weighing balance-1 No. 50000
Solvent storage tank with pump 300000
M.S.(Mild Steel) Varnish Kettle 200 ltrs.-2 Nos. 50000
Laboratory equipments like balance, oven glass apparatus, viscometer, etc. 500000
Generator and pollution control devices and water service 800000
Electrification, erection and commissioning 1000000
Total 41000000

B. Working Capital

(i) Staff and Labour (per month)


Value (Rs.)

Chief Chemist/Paint Technologist-1 No. 15,000
Skilled workers-8 Nos. 1,20,000
Unskilled workers-4 Nos. 12,000
Store Clerk-cum-typist-4 No. 16,000
Sales representative-1 No. 10,000
Peon & watchmen- 4 No. 14,000
Perks @ 22% 41,140
Total 2,28,140
or say 2,28,000

(ii) Raw Materials (per month)




CNSL Resin 5,000 5,00,000
M.T.O. (Mineral Turpentine Oil) 3,70 ltrs. 2,80,000
Red oxide 2,000 30,000
Zinc chromate 400 80,000
Bentonite 1000 10,000
China clay 1000 8,000
Linseed oil 500 30,000
Cobalt napthenates 400 10,000
Rosin 400 30,000
Packaging drums and labels 900 90,000
Total   10,68,000

(iii) Utilities (per month)



Power 20,000
Water 3,000
Fuel 15,000
Total 38,000

(iv) Other Contingent Expenses (per month)



Postage and Stationery 5,000
Telephone 5,000
Taxes 20,000
Repair and Maintenance 30,000
Travelling and Transport 8,000
Advertising and publicity 8,000
Miscellaneous Expenses 10,000
Total 1,08,000
Total recurring expenses 14,42,000
For three months 43,26,000

C. Total Capital Investment

Fixed 86,00,000
Working Capital 43,26,000
Total 1,29,26,000

Cost of Production and Profitability


Total Cost of raw materials 1,28,16,000
Staff and labour 27,36,000
Power, water and fuel 4,56,000
Other expenses 12,96,000
Interest on fixed capital @ 12% p.a. 15,51,000
Depreciation 5,10,000
Total 1,93,65,000
Receipt by sale of 200MT of paints @ Rs. 114/ kg. 2,28,00,000
Gross Profit 34,35,000
% Profit on Total Investment 26.5%
Net Profit Ratio 20.9%

Break-even Point

Fixed Cost


Depreciation 5,10,000
Interest 15,51,000
40% Salary and Wages 10,94,000
40% other contingent expenses 17,30,000
Total 48,85,000


Fixed Cost × 100
F.C. + Profit



  1,29,26,000 + 34,35,000


Addresses of Machinery and Equipment Suppliers


  • M/s. Sphere Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
    Plot No. A-287,
    16/2, Wagle Indl. Estate,
    Thane, Mumbai-400604.
  • M/s. Sallon Dynamics
    4 Krishna Building,
    6th Khetwadi Lane,
  • M/s. Bonazo Enterprises
    63, Najafgarh Road,
    New Delhi-110015.
  • M/s. Raymer Engg. Corpn.
    Crown Bldg., Uranwala Street,
    P.O. Box No. 4019, Grant Road,
  • M/s. Torrance overseas Engineers
    Pvt. Ltd.
    754, Anna Salai,
  • M/s. Kusum Engg. Co. Ltd.
    25, Swallow Lane,
  • M/s. Dalal Engg. Pvt. Ltd.
    36/37, Jolly Maker Chamber-II,
    Nariman point,
  • M/s. Western Mfg. Co.(Bombay) Pvt. Ltd.
    Vulcan Insurance Bldg.,
    Near Nariman Road,
  • M/s. The Oriental Machinery
    Supplying Agency Limited
    25, Rajendra Nath Mukherjee Road,
  • M/s. The Pioneer Engg. Company
    57, Apollo St., Fort,
  • M/s. The Ken Indl. Products Pvt.Ltd.
    7, Convent Road,
  • M/s. The Terrance and Sons Ltd.
    20, Choranghee Road,
  • M/s. National India Engg. Co. Pvt. Ltd.
    Botawalla Bldg.,
    Nariman Circle, Fort,

Addresses and Raw Material Suppliers


  • M/s. Amrutlal Bhura Bhai and Co.
    Anand Bhawan,
    Prince Street,
  • M/s. Allied Trading Co.
    39, Nagdevi Street,
  • M/s. Universal Paints Corpn. Pvt. Ltd.
    39, Nagadevi St.,
  • M/s. Gandhi Parekh Investment
    Corpn. Private Limited
    Allice Bldgs., Dr. D.N. Road, Fort,
  • M/s. Techno Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
    P-22, Swallow Lane,

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