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To reach many petroleum reserves, operators often drill through shale formations or other unpredictable or unstable media. Wellbore collapse is a billion-dollar problem. Current software offerings employ insufficient science.

Software program which provides guidelines for controlling wellbore failure through the adjustment of the drilling fluids density, salinity, azimuth, and well declination. DRILLER includes additional input data such as thermal and chemical affects, thereby achieving greater results.


  • Improved drilling operations and reduced risk


  • Includes all primary factors that effect wellbore stability in wells using water-based or oil-based drilling fluids, including affects of ion flow and temperature on pore pressure changes
  • Accounts for any general 3-dimensional stress state, chemical affects arising from fluid-shale interactions and thermal stresses
  • User friendly visual displays
  • Execution speed suitable for onsite field-type applications

Market Potential/Applications

DRILLER is an application for drill operators of petroleum producing companies and would be utilized for most drilling activities. GRID Technology Transfer LLC is currently representing DRILLER in the commercialization effort.

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