Di-tertiary Butyl para cresol

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  1. •  Used to produce Butylated hydroxyl toluene by alkylating P- cresol

    •  BHT is antioxidant for lubricating oils, gasoline, speciality oils, polymers etc.


Salient Features

  1. •  Commercially proven

    •  Waste stream (butane-butene cut) from refinery naphtha cracker is one of the reactants

    •  Feed stock flexibility

    •  No feed purification needed

    •  Negligible effluents

    •  Unconverted material recycled

    •  High throughput per unit volume of reactor



  1. First adopted/ commercialized at Bamer Lawrie Ltd, Chennai in 1985

User Industries

  1. •  Bamer Lawrie Ltd, Chennai

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