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Na/ Ca Sulphonate, EP additive
Feed stocks for detergents / dispersant additives for automotive lubricants, rust inhibitors etc


Salient Features

  1. •  Use of less hazardous Sulfuric Acid.

    •  The spent sulfuric acid can be utilized again.

    •  The sulfonate is free from inorganic impurities up to required level.

    •  The raw material (HAB) is an indigenous byproduct.

    •  The acid sludge is of high quality and can be used in scrubbing powder.

    •  There is no environmental problem



  1. •  First adoption was at NAL Hyderabad in 2000

User Industries

  1. •  Navin Additives Limited (NAL), Hyderabad

For further information please contact

Mr. Suryadev Kumar
Sr. Scientist
Indian Institute of Petroleum
Dehradun – 248 005
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Phone : 0135 2525704