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Used for production of LOBS, paraffin's / micro and semi micro crystalline waxes


Salient Features

  1. •  Process scheme with unique multi stage dilution pattern and cooling profile for maximum gains, updated by incorporating several technological advances/ innovations

    •  Solvent of optimum composition employed at low S/F ratio to minimize chiller area/refrigeration requirements and solvent recovery load

    •  Controlled crystallization option, cold back wash and prudent recycle for high DWO yield and low slack wax oil content

    •  Cost competitive, energy efficient process with high through put

    •  Flexibility of operation and adaptability to wide range of feedstocks, tailor made indigenous know-how with assured process back-up

Solvent Deoiling

  1. •  Optimum solvent composition and lower fresh solvent requirements.

    •  Dilution and Chilling profiles designed for controlled crystallization, narrow CSD leading to slurry with high filterability and balanced filer cycle.

    •  Higher throughput and product yields while meeting quality requirements for product wax.

    •  Energy efficient process, stable operation and high on stream factor.

    •  Operational flexibility/ adaptability to process varying feeds in block-out operation.

    •  Process suitability for production of different grades of paraffin and micro crystalline waxes with ready process back up advantage.



  1. This technology was developed by CSIR-IIP in 1994 in collaboration with EIL and first commercialized at IOC Haldia in 2000 .Besides, the technology got recently commercialized at NRL which is setting up a grass-roots wax deoiling unit using the updated CSIR-IIP-EIL process know-how .The state-of-art solvent deoiling technology using MIBK as the selective solvent involves processing of low-value waxy distillates in a series of steps comprising of fractional crystallization and filtration.

User Industries

  1. •  Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Haldia

    •  Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL), Numaligarh

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