Butylated Hydroxy Hydro Cinamates(ODBHC), (PDHBC)

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Manufacture of ODBHC and PDBHC from 26 di-test butyl phenol, methyl acrylate and stearyl alcohol/ pentaerythritol


Salient Features

  1. •  Improved over state-of-the –art technology

    •  Low cost catalyst

    •  High conversion and yields

    •  Negligible effluents



  1. •  This technology was developed by CSIR-IIP in collaboration with AEC

    •  Commercial plant at TFCL, Mumbai

User Industries

  1. •  Tria Fine Chemicals Limited (TFCL), Mumbai

For further information please contact

Mr. Suryadev Kumar
Sr. Scientist
Indian Institute of Petroleum
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Email : suryadev@iip.res.in
Phone : 0135 2525704