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Technology Description


We have built a device, that can be coupled to the exhaust of diesel engines and captures the soot or particulate matter coming out of it. Not just capture it, we have been able to repurpose it to be used as black ink!

The Unique Selling Proposition of our device is that we are not burning off the particulate matter or soot that is being emitted from I.C. engines. Rather we are collecting it and repurposing it to be made a raw material for ink industry thus creating a self sustainable and scalable business model.

Over 5 million diesel engines in India and over 2,00,000 mobile towers are being operated on diesel gensets in India. Carbon for textile screen printing alone is a $550mn market in India.

Successfully installed pilot sites in over 10 mobile towers in Delhi and NCR providing results as per expectations and calculations. None of the pilot sites show any signs of adverse effects on engine performance whatsoever.

Developed 1 device for furnace in Delhi using furnace oil to melt Aluminium(currently under testing). Received order for a 400 KVa diesel genset from DS group. Device is currently being manufactured.


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