Wax Emulsion


Extension in storage life of easily perishable fruits/vegetables is an important aspect for a county with tropical climatic conditions. The fruits/vegetable have to remain in fresh and marketable condition with minimum decay for longer period of time. Wax emulsion when applied to fresh, healthy, mature fruits/vegetables protects them against excessive moisture loss, higher respiration rate, heat build up and thermal decomposition. As a result, the texture and quality of the fresh produce will be maintained as near to the fresh condition as possible for a long time. Wax emulsion is mainly used for preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables and extending their storage life. The coating of wax emulsion on the fruits and vegetables has the following characteristics:

  • It is invisible to the naked eye.
  • It does not interfere with the natural appearance, colour, flavour and quality of fruits/vegetables.
  • It reduces moisture loss and helps fruits/vegetables retain their external texture.
  • Storage life of fruits/vegetables is extended by 50-100% at ambient and low temperatures.
  • It is economical and non-hazardous.
  • It imparts shine and gloss to the commodity.
  • It protects the fruits and vegetables from organisms causing fungal decay when proper fungicides are used in the required concentration in the emulsion.


The waxes are weighed, melted and necessary quantity of emulsifiers added at controlled temperatures. Boiling water is then added until water-wax emulsion (O/W type) is ready. The hot wax emulsion is then cooled by running cold soft water and the volume of the wax emulsion made up with cold soft water. The cooled wax emulsion is then dispensed into containers and stored at room temperatures. The wax emulsion is stable and does not deteriorate between 10oC and 100oC for a period of 9-12 months. The water wax emulsion once frozen cannot to thawed out.

Specifications of the Product

The concentrated wax emulsion with 12% solids should not precipitate out even when diluted with 0.5% of soft cold water.

On removal of water from the wax emulsion oven at 80oC the solids should register not less than 12% and not more than 13%. Viscosity - 5.5 to 6.0 CPS, pH-9.0 to 9.4

Plant Parameters

Capacity, Gallons. PA 30,000
No. of shifts / day 3
Working days / Yr 300
Covered Area, m2 200


Managerial 1
Skilled 1
Unskilled 5

Raw Material

Sugar cane wax Oleic acid
Carnauba wax Triethanolamine
Paraffin wax Ammonia.


Power Process water

Plant & Machinery

Wax emulsion unit Stirrer
Jacketed S.S.round bottom tank M.S.Tank
Exhaust fan Pump

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