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The UASB reactor is an economical solution for the treatment of industrial effluent which have substantially dissolved pollutants. It combines modern high-rate treatment technology with simplicity of design. In the USAB reactor, special GAS-SOLID-LIQUID SEPARATORS are mounted which enable collection of biogas and recycle of anaerobic biomass. The avoidance of internal packing in the reactor greatly reduces the cost of reactor construction.

The UASB Reactor works best when desirable micro-organisms are retained as highly active and fast settling granules. Granular sludge as it is known is required for start-up of such reactors. Granular sludge is unavailable within the country and has to be imported. RRL has developed start-up process know-how, to produce granular sludge from non-granular seed.

Industry classification

Pollution control



Product type



Waste water processing

Process used: Secondary


Major Machinery used

The heart of RRL UASB reactor consists of a specially designed modular gas collection system made from corrosion-free FRP and Steel … Designed on computer for optimum cost-performance, it is uniquely combines

  • Gas Collection
  • Sludge Recyle
  • Effluent Collection
  • Influent Distribution

The reactor itself is RCC in modern rectangular space-saving design, or as circular low-cost design. The reactor may be constructed underground where soil conditions permit considerable cost-saving



Year first Licensed 1996
No. of LIcensees Two
Whether in production Yes

Economic Information

Area of coverage per module:7.5 m2

Minimum Economic size Gas collection nozzle per module: one
Optimum Investment Liquid collection system: Integral, 3 Individually adjustable weir plates

Major Raw Materials Required

Feed liquid inlet system: Integral, gravity flow system

Materials of construction

FRP, PVC, Steel (epoxy coated)

Weight: 455 Kg


Above reactor liquid surface on RCC wall


Individual module may be removed by blinding gas collection and liquid outlet nozzles while reactor is operating.

Transportation and assembly

Stackable components (box, baffles, frame) for easy transportation and fast assembly at site

RRL provides basic and detailed engineering package (except RCC structural design) for UASB.

For further information please contact

Regional Research Laboratory (RRL)
Industrial Estate P.O.,
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Kerala, India