Manufacture of 10-Undecenoic Acid

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The technology is based on pyrolysis of castor oil. Plants of 2 tpd to 10 tpd capacity can be set up based on this technology. Castor oil is converted to its methyl esters by methanolysis and the methyl esters are pyrolyzed in presence of steam of high temperature and the pyrolysis products collected. These are distilled to separate methyl undecenoate and heptaldehydes. The methyl undecenoate is saponified and the fatty acid distilled, if necessary. Process is commercialized by one industry in India (2 tpd capacity) .


Used in the manufacture of 11-amino undecenoic acid which is the starting material for Nylon-11.

Heptaldehyde can be easily oxidized to heptanoic acid, the polyol esters of which are important lubricants.

Technology Transfer Assistance Offered

Know-how, Consultancy, Design evaluation, Basic / Detail designs for commercial plant, commissioning assistance, performance guarantees on RM consumption, quality of product, capacity of the plant.

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