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Over the last two decades sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) gas has been used in high voltage circuit breakers, transformers, gas insulated transmission lines, X-ray machines and particle accelerators. It is also being used for non-electrical applications like protective atmosphere in magnesium casting and as tracer gas for leak detection. With the rapid growth of switch- gear industry and various other fields in India it is expected that the demand for SF6 gas will increase enormously. Since SF6 is not manufactured in India, the entire demand is therefore met by import. BARC has developed a process know-how for the manufacture of SF6 gas at a semi-pilot plant level. This also includes the manufacture of fluorine, the vital raw material. 

  • The production of SF6 gas broadly consists of four major process steps, namely, 
  • Production of fluorine gas by electrolytic process
  • Fluorination of sulfur to produce SF6 gas
  • Purification of SF6 where all the by-products and other impurities are scrubbed off through various unit operations
  • Condensation and recovery of the product

The product conforms to International Electro-chemical Commission Specification-376 including its non-toxicity. The product recovery is well over 80%.


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