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Indian R&D organization offers technology of silicon hyperabrupt varactor diode. This is a variable reactor or a variable capacitance diode of the reverse-biased PN junction. It is employed in tuning operations by varying the voltage at the junction capacitance. It is used in tuning elements and frequency multiplication.

Applications in tuning: suitable for 1:1 replacement for tuningin electronic tuners (colour TV) or applications in telecommunications and electronics in frequency range of 54-850 MHz. This is a state-of-art technology for the manufacture of silicon hyperabrupt varacter diodes, which would be most suitable for existing diode manufacturers. The process involved in the manufacture of varactor diodes employs an epitaxial growth technique that uses substrate doping profiles. The variation of junction capacitance to reverse bias voltage and the doping profiles are specific to each application.

The process involves only three thermal steps, two masks, two implantations (or one implantation and one boron diffusion - BN source) and one metallization to accomplish fabrication of the diodes. Thus the process steps have been reduced drastically to ease manufacturing of this double diffused device structure.

Plant and machinery

Diffusion furnace, Ion implanter, Mask aligner, Metallisation unit, Probing machine, Dicing machine, Oven, Spinner, Plastic packaging unit, D.I.Water plant

Areas of application

Electronics industry

Production capacity

60 Million Nos.
No. of Shifts: 1/day
Working days: 300/Yr.

Inputs required

Land area: 200 sq.m.
Covered area: 125 sq.m.
Manpower: 6 total, including 1 Managerial, 4 Skilled and 4
Raw Materials (Per Million Nos. of Product):
Silicon Wafer: 1.25 Nos; Chemicals: INR 0.01375
Utilities (Per Million Nos. of Product):
Power: 125 KwH; Water: 2800 kL

Economic data

Plant & Machinery: INR 42 million
Know-how fees: INR 0.5 million
Recurring Royalty: 3 % on sales
Period of Licence: 10 yrs

Transfer forms

Know-how, equipment, turnkey plant, licensing

For further information please contact

Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology,
APCTT Building,
C-2 Qutab Institutional Area,
P.O.Box - 4575
New Delhi - 110 016