Precipitated Calcium Carbonate(PCC)

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Indian company, providing technical, engineering, marketing and management consultancy, offers the technology of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC).

The process of production of PCC can be divided into four sub-processes:

Generation of producer gas

The coke is burnt in presence of steam for its conversion into producer gas. the generator is a fully integrated unit having a water cooling jacket around it and a rotary ash removal system at the bottom. Alternate fuels could be LNG, LPG, LDO or F.O.

Calcination process

As suitable grade of limestone is calcined into a vertical shaft kiln using liquid or gaseous fuel. The process is endothermic and the following reaction takes place - CaCO3-----------------CaO+CO2

Slaking process

The quicklime is hydrolysed into slaked lime slurry with water in a reactor equipped with a turbine type agitator. The chemical reaction which takes place is - CaO+H2O-----------------------Ca(OH)2

Carbonation process

The hydrated lime slurry is fed to the carbonation tank provided with mechanical stirrers. Pure CO2 is bubbled through this slurry to obtain PCC which is subsequently dried and sent for packaging.

Areas of Application

Manufacture of rubber, plastics, paper, paints, dentifrices, ceramics, putty, polishes, insecticides, inks, shoe dressing

In food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics

As filter in production of adhesives, matches, pencils, crayons, linoleum, insulating compounds, welding rods, removing acidity of wines


The process technology offered guarantees the product quality as characterised by the particle size of the product which is critically controlled at each process step by step maintaining precise condition of concentration, temperature, pH and other physical conditions

The process is environment friendly and does not emnate toxic pollutants

Production Capacity

20 TPD to 6,000 TPA

Inputs Required

Building 1,500 sq. m
Land 4,000 sq. M
Water 20 cu.m/day
Power/fuel 350 KW or 400 KVA
Other utilities Steam, 3TPH

Manpower Required

Skilled 13
Unskilled 14
Total 27

Raw materials

8,000 TPA of limestone, high grade CaO greater than equal to 55.50 %- free from Fe, Mn, Co, etc.

Development Status


Transfer Forms

Know-how, equipment, turnkey plant, training, technical assistance, consultancy

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