Manufacture of Trimethyl Phosphite (TMP)

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In this Indigenously developed continuous process Phosphorous trichloride and methanol are reacted in the presence of a solvent and an acid scavenger like Triethyl amine to obtain Trimethylphosphite and hydrogen chloride. Process is much simpler and cost effective. Process has been released to two parties and one are in commercial production with 10 tpd capacity.


A key intermediate in the manufacture of phsphatic pesticides like Monocrotophos, DDVP etc. Also used as stabilizer for PVC neoprene and raw material in the production of fire resistant and fire retardant materials. It is used as plasticizer in nylons, poly oxy phenylene. Uses as catalyst in polymerization reaction, reagent in organic synthesis

Technology Transfer Assistance Offered

Basic / Detail designs for commercial plant, commissioning assistance, performance guarantees on RM Consumption, quality of product, capacity of the plant.

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Sri. G. Sampath Kumar
Scientist 'F' & Head, Business Development
Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
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