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A premier technology providing institution for indeginously developed technologies is offering technology for producing high grade pectin from lime peels. Pectin substances are high molecular weight polysaccharides which enhance the physiologic fractions of the digestive tract through their colloidal, chemical and antibacterial properties. Citrus fruits are rich in pectin and therefore, it is extracted from citrus fruit peel.


Citrus waste obtained during crushing of limes is minced into small pieces, washed in water, and pressed to remove the undesired soluble matter. The minced peels are subjected to extraction with steam. The cooked magma is filtered and cooled. The filtrate is treated with aluminium sulphate for precipitation of aluminium pectinate. Aluminium pectinate is filtered, stirred and passed through cation exchange resins to separate the concentrated pectin mass. The pectin mass is washed and pressed and the cake thus obtained is broken into small pieces and passed through granulator. These granules are subsequently dried and powdered. The spent resin is regenerated and the dilute alcohol obtained in washing of pectin is recovered by distillation.

Areas of Application

Food formulations industry in making jams, jellies and in pharma industry for treatment of diarrhoea.


  • In this process lesser quantity of alcohol is required for separation of pectin. The process yields high grade pectin (> 200 grade). The recovery of alcohol is approx. 90%. It thus helps in saving energy.
  • The process developed is simple, cheap and gives rise to import substitute product, pectin of 200 grade.
  • The process aims at profitable utilisation of lime peel, a food industry waste.
  • Also the process is eco-friendly as it does not generate any effluent.

Stage of Development


Inputs Required

Power: 1800 KWH -
Water: 8 KL - per tonne of product
Steam: 9 T -
Land: 5000 m2, Covered area: 3000 m2
Manpower: 15 including 1 Managerial, 4 Skilled and 10 Unskilled
Raw material: Citrus peels(Wet) - 70,000 -
(Dry) - 70,000 -
Sulfuric acid: 3.5 litres - per tonne of product
Alcohol: 82500 litres -

Economic Data

Can be arranged on request

Main Application

Chemical Industry

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