Advanced Pressure Electrolyser for Hydrogen/Oxygen Production

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The advanced pressure electrolyzer developed at BARC is based on filter- press type electrolytic module incorporating high performance porous nickel electrodes. The advanced cells operate at high current densities with lower energy consumption resulting in a compact and economic hydrogen/oxygen generator. 

The electrolyzer is designed specifically to produce ultrapure hydrogen (> 99.8% by volume) on demand for applications such as chemical processing, vanaspati plants, manufacture of synthetic gems, semiconductors, and plastics, production of hydrogen and oxygen for brazing and welding, as a source of hydrogen for meteorological stations and cooling systems for large electrical machines. 

The complete electrolyzer consists of two separate units- gas generator and the power supply package. The required utilities are cooling water, demineralised water and electrical power. The electrolyser unit is divided in three compartments, housing electrolyte circulation system, electrolysis module and the gas collecting equipments, each one mounted over the other. 

The electrolyser operates upto a current density of 10,000 ASM, the energy efficiency is above 80%, when operated at 8000 ASM and 80 C. Being highly efficient the advanced electrolyser consumes less energy for hydrogen generation and hence produces hydrogen/oxygen at lower cost.


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