Reverse Osmosis for Converting Brackish Water to Drinking Water and for Other Applications

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The Reverse Osmosis technology developed at BARC is based on tubular and plate module configurations utilizing cellulose 2.5 acetate membranes. The membranes are prepared controlling a number of casting parameters and deploying optimum casting environments. 

The tubular module is a patented design and comprises a tube bundle having 22 numbers of tubular membranes, 1.25 m & 18.5 mm dia supported in appropriate size porous FRP support tubes. The support tubes are joined in series to the tube sheet and end adapter with the help of series flow distributor and suitable self sealing joints. A novel feature of the design is that the tube ends to the tube sheet and the tube ends to the membranes ends are automatically sealed water tight when the system is under pressure and the tubes and the tube sheet can be separated apart when the pressure is released. This makes easy changing of membranes and changing of individual defective or failed tubes if any.One module packs 1.5 m membrane area and provides 1 M/d permeter. 

The plate module system developed by BARC uses sheet membranes supported on suitable glass filled polycarbonate pressure plates and other accessories. A single module holds about 200 membranes and packs around 8 membranes area and delivers around 5 m/d of permeters. 

The tubular module is capable of desalination of brackish water containing up to 10,000 ppm TDS into fresh potable water. It is also very suitable for treatment of effluent water containing excessive fouling loads. The tubular module can also be used for ultrafiltration applications. 

The plate module is used in brackish water desalination and water and effluent treatment including radioactive liquid effluents. It has a potential for sea water applications using appropriate membranes as it can stand up to 7080 kg/cm pressure. 
This module can also be used in smaller capacity domestic units for providing drinking water from brackish water sources.


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