On-line Domestic Water Purifier Based on Ultrafiltration-Polysulfone Membrane

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The "on-line domestic water purification device" is based on polysulfone type of ultrafiltration membrane in a unique cylindrical configuration to purify the domestic water with respect to microorganism, colour, odour, suspended solids and organics. 
This device is not only much less expensive but superior to existing devices in many ways and has following features: 

  • Very effective as it removes bacteria to the extent of > 99.99% (4 log scale).
  • As the device filters out bacteria, no dead bacteria in product water.
  • Removes complete turbidity and produces crystal clear water.
  • Work in a dead end device so not a single drop of water is wasted.
  • Does not need electricity or addition of any chemical. Provision to remove organic or colouring material if they are present in feed.
  • Highly strong (both chemically and mechanically) membranes giving high life (3-5 years).
  • Almost maintenance free except occasional cleaning of suspended solids which deposits on membrane surface and this does not take more than 3-4 minutes time.
  • Device works between the hydrostatic heads (5 psig to 35 psig) and can produce about 40 litres of pure water per day at about 10 psig head).


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