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An Indian institute has developed technology for neem based pesticide formulation and is interested in offering it for commercial production.


Neem Oil, solvent, emulsifier and stabilizer are mixed to get an homogeneous mass, Neem emulsifiable concentrate (EC). This Neem EC is processed to regulate azadirachtin content and to finally get Neem EC with minimum 300 ppm azadirachtin.

Environmental aspects

Neem based pesticide formulations are environment friendly and do not affect non target organisms.

Areas of Application

The emulsions from this EC controlled effectively the shootfly Atherogonia soccata on maize and A. naqvi on wheat and barley: diamond back moth plutella xylostella on cabbage, mustard aphid Lipaphis erysimi on rapeseed: sugarcane aphid Melanaphis sacchari and corn aphid Rhopalosiphum maidis on sorghum: cowpea aphid Aphis craccivora on cowpea: earhead worm Heliothis (Helicoverpa) armigera on sorghum and chickpea: whitefly Bemisia tabaci on soybean and tobacco: blue butterfly Euchrysops cnejus on cowpea and mung bean and others.


Neem based products have emerged as a viable option for pest control as against synthetic pesticides.

Production Capacity

The present process is being demonstrated on bench scale. Its scale up has to be undertaken in consultation with a chemical/ plant designing/ fabricating engineer.

Stage of Development

Developed at Lab scale

Inputs Required

Man power

The machinery and man power requirement will be assessed based the capacity/manufacturing level of the products. However, suggested tentative requirement may be stainless steal blenders, storage tank and Instrumentation including HPLC.

Raw material

Neem oil, solvents, azadirachtin, surfactants etc.

Transfer Forms

Know-how of bench scale level.Performance guarantee would be furnished, if asked for.

Main Application

Chemical Industry

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