Technology for Mosquito Larvicidal Preparations Based on Rabdosia sp.

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An Indian institute has developed technology for mosquito larvicidal preparations based on rabdosia sp. The essential oil of rabdosia melissoides and its phenolic and non-phenolic constituents have been developed as potential mosquito larvicidal products. The emulsifiable concentrates (ECs) developed after incorporating these products have been found to be highly effective against the 4th instar larvae of mosquito culex quinquefasciatus in the laboratory evaluation studies. Twelve recipes that have been developed revealed LC50 in the range of 0.0004 to 0.015%.

The formulation process is simple. It employs the aforesaid active materials along with a solvent and emulsifiers. When added to water,the concentrate forms emulsion which is effective against the insect. It can be added to water, as such, at the contaminated sites or diluted with water to spray at the desired places. The developed EC is environment friendly and conforms to the requirements of Bureau of Indian Standards for similar concentrates.

Areas of Application

Mosquito larvae control in various stagnating water situations. Its herbal origin coupled with a sweet fragrance makes it particularly more useful in situations like domestic water coolers etc.


  • Product of herbal origin
  • Plenty of raw materials are available
  • Simple and easy process and economical

Production Capacity

The present know-how demonstrated on bench scale

Stage of Development

Patented (applied), Laboratory model

Economic Data

Know how fee: Rs. 5 lakh

Machinery / equipment

Stainless steel blenders, storage tank, instruments such as GLC etc.

Transfer Forms

Consultancy, Training, Patent for sale (applied), Know-how, Technical assistance

Main Application

Chemical Industry

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