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Monocrotophos belongs to the group of organophosporous insecticide with an anticholinesterase activity. It is considered to be a systemic as well as contact poision. IICT developed state of art technology of low temperature chlorination. Aqueous MMA is chlorinated at low temperature to get MMACI then MMACI is reacted with Trimethylphosphite to obtain Monocrotophos (Tech.). Process has been licensed to 16 parties and 8 firms are in commercial production with a total installed capacity of 3000 TPA.


The new technology helps to manufacture MCP indigenously using aqueous MMA as starting raw material. Monocrotophos is a broad spectrum organophosphorous insecticide used for wide variety of crops.


Monocrotophos plays an important role in pest management essential and economically important crops like cotton, sugarcane, groundnut, tobacco. It has been found effective against insects like boll worms, boll weevil, in control of aphide or mites in peanuts, mango shoot gall maker and pests of some ornamental plants. Monocrotophos belongs to the group of organophosphorous insecticide with an anti-chlolinestease activity.

Technology Transfer Assistance Offered

Know-how, Consultancy, Design evaluation, CIB registration data, Basic Design package, commissioning assistance, performance gurantees on- i. Raw Material Consumption, Quality of product, capacity of plant

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