Manufacture of Pentaerythritol

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An indian consultancy company is offering the technology for manufacture of pentaerythritol. It is manufactured with the reaction of acetaldehyde with an excess of formaldehyde in an alkaline medium solution, which is then filtered, wet cake dried and pulverised.

Areas of Application

This can be used as a raw materials for paint industry, alkyd resins, lubricating oil, explosives, etc.

Inputs Required

Building: 15,000 sq ft; land: 36,000 sq ft;
water : 50,000 litres/day;
power/fuel : 1,800 KWM/MT;
steam – 18 MT;

Raw Materials

formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, caustic soda, formic acid;

Total Manpower Required


Production capacity

5.00 MT/day

Forms of transfer

Know-how, turnkey plant, training.

For further information please contact

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