Knapsack Sprayer


An Indian institute, engaged in the mechanical engineering R&D since 1958, has developed the above technology. It is designed and developed as a low cost, lightweight portable hand operated device for effective and economic distribution of agro-chemicals with the ultimate aim of curbing the pests and pathogenic disease of the field crop. The sprayer consists of a polyethylene tank for carrying chemicals, a piston type pump for delivering liquid from tank to the nozzle for determining the spray pattern and range of spray droplet sizes. The cut-off device fitted in the discharge line controls the liquid flow. The sprayer is provided with woven web cotton belting to be strapped conveniently to the operators back for comfortable carriage. The reduction in weight by 12% and cost by 25% would suite well even a small farmer.

Technical Specifications

Tank capacity : 16 lit
Pump cylinder inside diameter : 36 mm
Stroke length : 55 mm
Pressure air chamber capacity : 800 ml
Type of agitation capacity : hydraulic
Working pressure : 3 kgf/cm2
Overall size : 750 x 410 x 560 mm3
Net weight : 7 Kg

Areas of Application



Low cost
Portable hand operation

Stage of Development


Main Application

Chemical Industry

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