Integrated Plant for Manufacturing Anthraquinone, Quinizarin and their Derivatives

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Indian consultancy and project management company offers to supply integrated plant for manufacturing anthraquinone, quinizarin and their derivatives.

Anthraquinone is manufactured from phthalic anhydride and benzene in presence of anhydrous aluminium.


The VAT dyes obtained from anthraquinone derivatives are used for cotton dyeing and hold the advantages of having fastness towards washing, perspiration, sunlight and brightness of shades.

Areas of Applications

Chemical industry. Anthraquinone is the basic raw material for many of its derivatives which are used in the manufacture of vat dyes. Quinizarin and its derivative leucoquinizarin are used for the manufacture of vat dyes and solvent dyes. Solvent dyes are.

Economic Data

Total project cost: US$ 3 million Machinery/equipment at works (in India) 1.85 million Operational cost/year: US$ 4.5 million Know-how fee: US$ 250,000 Pay-back period: 3.5 years.

Inputs Required

Raw materials: phthalic anhydride, benzene, anhydrous aluminium chloride, para chloro phenol, boric acid, sulphuric acid, 25 % oleum, ammonia gas, sodium chlorate, sodium hydrosulphite, caustic soda flakes, potassium chloride, soda ash, nitro benzene, iso.

Production Capacity

The proposed plant capacity, captive consumption and sales of the products (in MT/annum) respectively are as follows:

Anthraquinone: 900, 420, 480.

Quinizarin 450, 270, 180.

1-amino anthraquinone: 250, -, 250.

2-amino anthraquinone: 250, -, 250 , 1,4 dia.

Transfer Forms

Know-how,Turnkey plant,Training,Consultancy,Technical assistance.

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