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Indian project consultant offers the technology to manufacture industrial ethanol from molasses, a bye-product of sugar industry. It covers by products like CO2, biogas, powder and ash and also proposes a zero effluent, complete water recycle and continuous plant operation throughout the year.


The molasses containing approximately 44% fermentable sugars are diluted and fermented. The broth, which contains 6-8% ethanol besides 8-9% solids, is subjected to stripping and rectification columns where the alcohol of 95% purity is recovered. The stripping column bottom liquid rich in BOD and COD is treated in biomethanation plant to obtain biogas. The liquid from biomethanation plant containing 5% solids is concentrated to 40% in evaporators. The concentrated mother liquor is dried as powder in a spray dryer. The CO2 produced is collected and bottled.

The list of major equipment is as follows

  • Fermentation yeast vessels
  • Prefermenters
  • FermentorsCO2 plant
  • Stripping and rectification columns
  • Condensors and beer heater
  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Biomethanation plant
  • 5 stage evaporation system
  • Spray dryer

Areas of Application

Chemical industry.

The applications of products/bye-products are as follows

  • Ethanol :Used as starting material for manufacture of acetic acid, acetic
  • anhydride, ethyl acetate, dyes, etc.
  • Carbondioxide : Used in beverage industry
  • Biogas : as fuel
  • Powder : as fuel and fertiliser
  • Powder ash : as fertiliser


  • No pollution problem
  • Continuous trouble free operation
  • No storage of waste water needed
  • Total water recycle
  • Complete utilisation of resources

Production Capacity

30 KL/day (Technology for higher capacity plants can also be provided)

Transfer Forms Technology transfer, know-how

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