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IICT developed eco-friendly ammonia & hydrogen peroxide route alternate to urea based technology which is creating effluent problem. Hydrazine Hydrate technology developed by IICT is cost effective and eco-friendly process. Higher volume capacity plants are to be set up i.e. 5000 tpa & above for economic viability. In this process, chlorine which is used as oxidizing agent in other processes is replaced with hydrogen peroxide. The process involves oxidation of ammonia with Hydrogen peroxide in presence of nitrile or amide group to form an azine which further hydrolyzed to give hydrazine hydrate.


  • As rocket fuel in space application.
  • As energy source in fuel cells.
  • As blowing agent in plastic industry.
  • In boilers-used as oxygen scavenger for boiler feed water in energy industry.
  • Prevention of corrosion in boilers by formation of a magnetite corrosion "shield" in boiler surface.
  • In synthesis of organic nitrogen compounds which are very useful intermediates in drugs 7 pharmaceutical industries.
  • In making herbicides & pesticides in agro-industry.

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