Field Kit for Identification of Chromium and Nickel in Steels

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Quality assurance involving reliable and accurate analysis is essential at the time of procurement of materials. However, during intervening period of procurement and fabrication or fabrication and installation there can be possible mix up of materials leading to loss of identity. Hence, the need for a simple, quick and non-destructive identification which can be carried out at the shop floor during selection, fabrication and installation of the finished components. 
One of the field kits developed at B.A.R.C. for such purpose serves for the identification of chromium and nickel in steels using a visual colour test, as also to assess semiquantitatively the range of chromium and nickel present. Thus it can distinguish steels of the 300 and 400 series and of low alloy steels as EN 21, En 24. Some of the other salient features of the kit include


  • Dimensional tolerances of critical components unaffected by the test
  • Operation by even semi- skilled workers
  • Chemicals used, not harmful to the materials tested.

This field kit consists of

  • Wooden Box ( 250 x 160 x 120 mm ),
  • 9 volts power pack with connectors, circular aluminium cathode and crocodile clip,
  • Test-paper Box (containing 100 pieces),
  • Six polythene dropper bottles (75 ml capacity) containing solutions A,D,E,F,H,J,
  • A polythene beaker (50 ml capacity),
  • Fine emery paper,
  • 4 steel standards stainless steels (300 series and 400 series) EN 21 and EN 24.(By having additional standards, one can identify other type of steels).


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