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Fervaleric acid [2-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-methylbutyric acid] is resolved into S-2 (4-Chlorophenyl)-3-Methyl butyric acid, which is converted into acid chloride followed by reaction with m-phenoxy benzaldehyde and sodium cyanide diastermic mixture. The product thus obtained transform into a single active isomer esfenvalerate. This can be implemented in existing synthetic pyrethroid manufacturing unit


Esfenvalerate is a potent contact oral infested insecticide with very broad range of activity, especially effective against Coleoptera, Hemiphera, Lepidoptera and orthoptera on cotton, fruits, vegetables and other crops.

Technology Transfer Assistance Offered

Know-how, Consultancy, Design evaluation, Basic / Detail designs for commercial plant, commissioning assistance, performance guarantees on RM construction, quality of product, capacity of the plant.

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