Enzymatic Starch Adhesive

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An Indian non-profit organization engaged in research, technology development and consultancy offers technology of enzymatic starch adhesive.

Through this technology, starch adhesive is prepared by converting raw maize starch at a high solid level by biochemical means. A specially designed mixer-reactor is used for converting the starch. The viscosity of the adhesive is adjusted by controlling the reaction.

Areas of application

  • Paper lamination; and
  • Cotton textile sizing.


  • The product replaces costly chemically modified starch;
  • The process is based upon a cleaner technology and no waste is generated; and
  • There is flexibility in the product quality range.

Development status


Transfer forms

Know-how; Training; Consultancy; and Technical assis tance.

For further information please contact

Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology,
APCTT Building,
C-2 Qutab Institutional Area,
P.O.Box - 4575
New Delhi - 110 016