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A five-member cyclic compound with a triple bond structure, which was believed to be unstable to isolate, has been successfully synthesized at RIKEN. The five-member cyclic structure alkyne (cyclopentyne) has a very short life and its isolation was a challenge. Its existence in a solution was verified only analytically or it was trapped as molecules converted through a chemical reaction.

The organometallic chemistry laboratory had earlier developed a simple method to synthesize butatriene. By making the butatriene react with low valence zirconium, a transition metal complex, they extracted a new type of organometallic compound, a five-member cyclic compound with a triple bond structure; its stable extraction had never been reported. The new compound was very stable and was found to be a pentagonal molecule of a fan-like shape through X-ray crystal structure analysis. It is expected that creation of new molecular compounds and development of new materials are possible using this new compound.

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