Alcohol from Cassava


A premier technology providing institution for indeginously developed technologies is offering technology for making alcohol from cassava. The milled cassava is gelatinised and saccharified by team and amylase enzymes, converting starch to simpler sugars.


The saccharified mash from the cooking system is pitched with yeast in the fermenter.


The distillation of the fermented wash is carried out in five columns

  • Beer still
  • Aldehyde column
  • Rectifying column
  • Fusel oil column
  • Heads concentration column

Dryer House

The liquid from the decanter, having the remaining solids are concentrated in a Mechanical Vapour Re-compression System (MVR).

Effluent Treatment Plant: The effluent at a temperature of 600C at outlet of distillery is cooled in the atmosphere and then pumped to a plate-heat exchanger to a suitable temperature and pumped to kept for a few days before discharging within allowable pollution limits.

Areas of Application

Pharma and beverages industry


  • Environment friendly
  • Alcohol thus produced is found generally superior to that from mousses
  • Cheap as compared to other sources of alcohol
  • Solid (cake) produced as by-product is used as cattle feed.

Stage of Development


Inputs Required

Power: 6800 Kw/day, Water: 400 cu. M, Stem: 130 MT
Land: 10,000 m,
Manpower: 59 including 3 managers, 28 skilled, 28 unskilled
Raw material: Cassava/maize - 50 ton, Enzyme - 5.5 kg, Disinfectant - 10 lit, Anti-froth agent - 10 lit,
Neuttraliser - 50 Kg

Main Application

Chemical Industry

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