Aluminium Hydroxide Gel Powder (IP Grade)

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The process consists of the following steps :-3

Preparation of solution the raw material :

Solutions of commercial grade soda ash & Aluminium sulfate desired degree of baume are prepared.


Aluminium sulfate solution is allowed to react at controlled rate with soda ash at controlled pH and moderate agitation.


After aging the product, the slurry is filtered & the wet cake is washed with water till it becomes free from soluble salt.

Drying & Pulverization

Product is dried at low temperature to maintain its structure . Dried lumps are pulverized to get powder of desired degree of fineness.

Aluminium hydroxide (Gel) I.P. is used as an antacid and protective in the treatment of peptic ulcers. It is also used as astringent & antiseptic in cases of marked hyper acidity. It is used externally as a mild astringent and desiccant, and internally as an antacid and protective agent. Aluminium hydroxide is generally used in combination with other similar chemicals like Magnesium hydroxide & Magnesium trisilicate in the form of powder or paste, depending upon the final product i.e. tablet or suspension.

In India, Aluminium hydroxide is mainly produced in the small sector & there are about 40 players in this market. The aggregate production of all these units are about 3000 tonnes per year. And the total estimated demand of the Aluminum hydroxide is about 5000 tonnes. Export of this chemical is substantial and the project offers a good opportunities for local producers , as the export market is flourishing in this segment. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Iraq are the largest importers of IP grade Aluminium hydroxide from India. In the Indian market too, the demand of antacids raw materials increases by 10 - 15 % every year due to increasing hyper acidity complaints as well as increase in populations.

Advantages of Indian technologies

  • Low capital investment
  • High employment potential
  • Maximum use of local raw materials and manpower resources
  • Adaptable levels of sophistication

Plant Parameters

Capacity, TPA 150
No.of Shifts / day 3
Working days / Yr. 300
Land Area, m2 2000
Covered Area, m2 600


Managerial 1
Skilled 7
Unskilled 4

Raw Material (Tonne per Tonne of Product)

( Per Tonne of Product)
Soda Ash 0.925
Al. sulphate 1.15

Utilities (Per Tonne of product)

(Per Tonne of Product)
Power, KwH 4200
Water, KL 2000

Plant & Machinery

Wooden Reactor Tray drier
Filter Press Air compressor
Pulveriser Dilution tank

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