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Profenofos an important member of the Organothiophosphate class of insecticides is a cholinesterase inhibitor, non-systemic insecticide and acaricide with contact and stomach poison. Profenofos is very effective on cotton pests especially white fly menace and controls Lepidoptera insects and Mites in cotton, tobacco, sugar beet, soya beans, vegetables etc.

Profenofos is Alternative to Monocrotofos and Endosulfan, which are being phased out in India. PROFENOFOS has Efficacy equivalent to Monocrotofos but has higher degree of safety to mammals.


Salient Technical Features


With a view to overcome the pollution problem and to provide a better quality product, an innovative cleaner and cost effective technology was worked out avoiding mercaptan release. IICT approach for manufacture of profenofos.


•  Involves raw materials which are easily available and common industrial (Cheaper) solvent for process;

•  Uses organic amine as base so overcomes the mercaptan pollution problem – a mercaptan free route;

•  Yields are uniformly high & provides better quality (lesser number of impurities) and odorless product;

•  Environmentally benign as obnoxious effluent is absent and cost effective technology – easy to commercialize.


Scale of development


•  The process has already been demonstrated to a client at 500 g/batch level


Status of Commercialization


Major Raw Materials


•  2-Chlorophenol, Bromine, inorganic and organic bases, n-Propyl bromide, DETC etc Specific Raw Material Cost Rs. 326/kg



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