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Broad spectrum fungicide with both preventive and curative action. It is applied as a foliar fungicide, seed treatment, post harvest treatment on a wide range of crops including deciduous fruits, vegetables, grapes, sugar beet and turf.


Salient Technical Features


•  Clean process. No organic effluents

•  Country demand: Imports 500tonnes/annum

•  Patents for Process Development of Thiophanate-Methyl IN 184687, 2000, IN 184429, 2000


Scale of development


Pilot scale (3kg)


Status of Commercialization


Process technology demonstrated to a client at pilot plant scale.


Major Raw Materials


•  Methylchloroformate (MCF), Thiocyanate and O- phenylene diamine

•  Specific Raw Material Consumption: MCF: 0.628kg/kg; Thiocyanate: 0.591kg/kg; OPDA: 0.332kg/kg


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