Vegetable Oil-Based Peg Esters

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PEG esters are used as non-toxic, non-irritating, non-ionic emulsifiers and in formulating emulsifier blends, thickener, resin plasticizer, emollient, spreading agent, wetting and dispersing agent and viscosity control agents.


They also have application in the metal working, pulp, paper, textile and as defoamer for latex paintings.


Major Raw Materials: Vegetable oil fatty acids, poly ethylene glycols & acid catalyst


Brief Process Description


The process for the preparation of PEG ester involves esterification of PEG with palm & sunflower oil fatty acid mixture using a catalyst under N 2 atmosphere. Bleaching of the crude product results in PEG ester with the following specifications: AV, 3-4; Viscosity, 55-58 cst at 40ºC and 11-12 cst at 100 ºC. However the specification can be tailor made as per the requirement of the end use.


Scale of Demonstration: 1Kg/batch


Status of Commercialization


Process Know-how was transferred to one industry at 1Kg/batch scale.


Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required


Jacketed reactor (2 lts), N 2 flushing system, efficient filtration & vacuum system.


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