2-Cyno Pyrazine



Cyno pyrazine is precursor for the synthesis of pyrazinamide, an anti-TB drug


Salient Technical Features


•  CSIR- IICT developed catalytic continuous ammoxidation process for the synthesis of 2-cyno pyrazine from 2-methyl pyrazine

•  Obtained Indian Patent


Level/Scale of Development


  • •  Catalyst vapor phase reactor at pilot scale (1 Kg catalyst)

  • •  Lab Scale operation: 48 Kg product per day


Status of Commercialization


•  Seeking collaboration for pilot plant trails and commercialization


Major Raw Materials


  • •  2-methyl pyrazine, ammonia

    •  IICT also has Process Technology for 2-methyl pyrazine

    •  Raw Material for 2-methyl pyrazine are ethylene diamine and propylene glycol

    •  Specific Raw Material Cost: 630 Rs./Kg


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