Avobenzone is a highly effective UV absorber and is used as light stabilizers in plastics and light screening agents in cosmetic industry.


Salient Technical Features


•  CSIR-IICT has developed the process for Avobenzone at bench scale.

•  The process is by the condensation of para methoxy acetophenone with methyl para tertiary butyl benzoate using a commercially available catalyst.

•  Quantitative yields and purity matching the market specifications.


Level/Scale of Development

The process for avobenzone is at 1 kg batch size.


Status of Commercialization


The process is ready for demonstration at bench scale and can be scaled up for pilot/commercial plant of capacity 1TPD to 5 TPD.


Major Raw Materials to be utilized


Para methoxy acetophenone & methyl para tertiary butyl benzoate.

Specific Raw Material Cost is approx. Rs. 465-480/- per kg.


Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required


Stirred reactors, Crystallizers, storage tanks & distillation columns


Technology Package


The scale-up studies and basic design report can be given to the Industry based on the planned capacity of the commercial plant.



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