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The Underwater Car (U/Car) is a facility for personal use. It gives unique possibilities for underwater tourism. The U/Car enables safe and comfortable submergence to depths inaccessible by scuba divers. Panoramic view, simplicity of control and operation, high manoeuvring qualities, possibility to gather the sea treasures with the manipulator and to perform underwater video filming brings satisfaction to a wide range of marine-rest fans and lovers of the underwater world. The car is environmentally safe as it is propelled by a watertight electric motor operating from accumulator batteries. Its design has no oil and hydraulic systems which excludes sea pollution. Contrary to all existing underwater vehicles it is possible to tow this U/Car at high speed by a boat or a motor yacht. This quality of the U/Car makes marine spaces accessible for marine trips.


Underwater tourism


Very simple in operation. Motion control is performed with a single joystick or by Autopylot according to different special programmes. Automatic protection from wrong action of the pilot is provided. Any person can operate the car after a short training

Environmental Aspects

Cleaner product

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